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The first issue of the ongoing begins with Dick Grayson cuffed to what looks like a fridge, drowning in a unknown body of water. He tries to escape, but the cuff is too tight and then he flashbacks to why how he got to this in this situation in the first place. He recalls that him and Batman were together investigating a group of twenty-one men that floated upstream into the south harbor of Gotham City. He takes a bus to Bludhaven and runs into a pair of men that are forcing themselves onto a woman. He deals with them and then offers the woman money for a ride back and a job at Waynecorp.

He then dons his costume and goes into the house of a famous Asian mob and soon runs into the False Face society, Black Mask's men, who are stealing a fridge from the wife of the Mob leader containing her "children". Nightwing manages to catch up with them on their getaway ride, and tries to contain them, but the fridge soon finds itself is escaping from the back of the pick-up truck.

He manages to fight them off successfully while keeping the fridge safe, but soon finds out that there is apparently nothing in the fridge and his surprise takes hte best of him in such a manner that the one of the False Faces knocks him out with the butt of the gun.

When Nightwing wakes up he finds that he has been cuffed to the fridge and been thrown into the river, which is where the book first started off. He then uses a Magnesium Flare from his arsenal and uses it to heat the handle of the fridge so he can go back up to the surface. He then climbs up to land, commenting that he'd have to "extend his vacation in Bludhaven".

Then a scene with Black Mask and the leader of the False Face Society is seen, where the leader reports that they got Minh's (the Asian Mob leader's) attention, which isn't what Black Mask wants, as the latter wants full control over Bludhaven.

Later a scene with Chief Redhorn is seen, where he tells Inspector Dudely Soames that there's a vigilante that was at the scene in Minh's mansion and tells the latter he doesn't want him in his city. This is before Nightwing makes an appearance, still wet from his escape, Chief Redhorn fakes delight at seeing him, pretending to shake his hand so he can cuff him telling him "He'd wish he was being arrested".



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