Nightstalkers #14

    Nightstalkers » Nightstalkers #14 - Siege of Darkness Part 1: The Storm before the Storm released by Marvel on December 1, 1993.

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    Blaze and Blade are in the middle of an argument which turns into a battle. Blade jumps out of the way of Blaze's Hell fire blast and throws a knife at Blaze making him drop his Hell fire gun only to pick it up with a chain.

    Hannibal King and Morbius then stops Blade. He finds out that the fight between Blaze and Blade is abut the existance of Lilith's dead body. Blaze says she is dead but Blade does not believe him.

    Seconds later Ghost Rider arrives with the Darkhold Redeemers. Frank Drake then comes in to question Blaze and Ghost Rider about Lilith's body after the fight between them and the Lilin. At this point The Nightstalkers head down to Cypress Hill Cemetery to find Lilith's body. They leave the other members of the mystic Nine behind and claim they with come after them after they find the body.

    Minutes later as they head to the cemetary only to drive into a hot ash lisk misk. the Nightstalkers investigate and find a man who had his face eaten off and then turn to dust. the Nightstalkers then come across a pack of Lilin. They defeat the Lilin and the Nightstalkers investigate the area with King flying higher ground and sees that the source of the mist is coming from Cypress Hill Cemetery. All of a sudden Blade and Drake are attacked by the Lilin Bad Timing. Blade and Drake try to stop him but Bad timing's time manipulation is to fast for them until King attacks him from behind. All of a sudden a chain hits Bad Timing in the face. It is ghost Rider. Bad Timing then escapes and the Night Stalkers later regrou with the others.

    Minutes later the Midnight Sons form into two groups. Ghost Rider leads King, Blaze, Montesi, and Buchanan, go to the Cemetery to find Lilith's body while Morbius, Blade, Drake, Hastings, Jinx, and Modred investigate the mist. As soon as ghost Rider's group leaves, Morbius rushes into the mist. Blade and Drake then lead the rest of the team into the mist. Lilith watches from behind.


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