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    Being the only surviving member of the royal family of the Land of the Nightshades, Eve Eden uses her inherited shadow powers to fight crime and evil as Nightshade.

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    As a child, Eve Eden’s mother, Magda (also called Maureen Eden), revealed to her and her brother Larry that she was a princess from the Land of the Nightshades. Magda was forced to flee from her dimension and come to Earth to escape the evil Incubus. She then showed her children how to cross dimensions through shadows, an ability they both inherited from her. While in the Land of the Nightshade they were attacked by the Incubus’ flying warriors and Magda was mortally stabbed. Larry was kidnapped, but Eve managed to change into shadow-form and transport Magda and herself back to Earth. Before Magda died, Eve promised her mother that she would return someday to rescue Larry.


    Nightshade was created by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. Her first appearance was in Captain Atom #62, September 1966.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Charlton Years

    Eve's Original Costume
    Eve's Original Costume

    Since Warren Eden didn't know his wife's true nature, Eve was forced to lie about their disappearance. He grew distant with Eve, and withdrew from her. Partially to spite her father, she dropped out of school and moved to Washington D.C. There, Eve began her self-imposed training by studying martial arts, becoming especially skilled in karate. Former partner of Judomaster, Tiger trained Eve in the martial arts.

    Now all grown up. Eve hid her training from her father, and, when she was older, became the C.I.A. operative Nightshade. She hid her new alter-ego from him, as well. Senator Eden began to think of his daughter as a shallow jet-setter without a care in the world.

    As Nightshade, Eve works with the C.I.A. to expose and apprehend foreign agents. Eve’s often times found herself teamed-up with Captain Atom on many missions. Her ultimate goal is to reach a level of training where she can return to the Land of the Nightshades to rescue her brother.

    DC: With Crisis a New Beginning

    Nightshade, along with other Charlton heroes acquired by DC, was introduced into the DC Universe by means of the Crisis on Infinite Earths maxi-series. In the epic adventure that destroyed DC’s Multiverse the Charlton characters were revealed to have existed on Earth-4. Their Earth along with Earth’s 1, 2, S and X were the only surviving Earths, which ended up converging into a singe “New” Earth. Nightshade played a small role in the series, fighting beside heroes of all five Earths against the Anti-Monitor. Nightshade debuted as a DC character in Crisis on Infinite Earths #6.

    Eve posing as Chimera
    Eve posing as Chimera

    Here Eve’s past remained intact, except her mother was now named Maureen and Eve was the only one to return from the Land of the Nightshades. Also, instead of the CIA, Eve began working for the CBI alongside King Faraday. She next became a super-spy for Task Force X (Suicide Squad), striking up a deal with its leader Amanda Waller. For her services Eve would be allowed to one day take the team and rescue her brother. As a member of Suicide Squad, Eve and fellow teammate Nemesis were sent overseas to infiltrate the mercenary death squad known as "Jihad". Disguised in her new identity as Chimera, Eve was forced to participate in the massacre of innocent civilians at an airport as Jihad sought to demonstrate their effectiveness to a potential client. This event deeply affected her, causing tension between Amanda Waller and her.

    In her tenure with the Suicide Squad Eve became involved in a love triangle with Rick Flagg and Nemesis. Eve was next given a new task other than spying, keeping the mentally unstable and fellow teammate Enchantress in check. She was also assigned the position of liaison between Task Force X and rival government known as Project Atom. Out of this, Eve met Captain Atom for the first time and began having feelings for him, which emotionally confused her even more.

    Eve’s fellow teammates decided it was time to help Eve in the rescue of her brother. Going behind Waller’s back and bringing Captain Boomerang along against his will, the Suicide Squad followed Eve to the Land of the Nightshades. To her horror, Eve found her brother dead and his body used to house the demonic entity of the Incubus. The team was captured and the Incubus revealed a secret about one of their teammates. The Enchantress persona of June Moone was actually the Incubus’ sister the Succubus. The two evil entities were originally supposed to possess Eve and her brother Larry in order to conceive a child that would return their demonic father to them, reborn in human flesh. As a result of this revelation, June Moone was stripped of her Enchantress powers when the Incubus freed the Succubus from her.

    When the Succubus possessed Eve, it didn’t anticipate her will being stronger than Larry’s and the evil entity was destroyed with its powers being absorbed by Eve. Eve turned on the Incubus and freed her fellow teammates, allowing Deadshot to shoot her brother in the head and kill the Incubus. A side effect from absorbing the Succubus left Eve’s skin pigment white. Eve continued to work with the Suicide Squad and would eventually learn her father was one of the senators attempting to close down the Squad.

    Eve finally left the Suicide Squad and returned to the CBI under the leadership of Sarge Steel. For a short period, Eve next worked as part of the L.A.W. in order to stop Judomaster’s sidekick, Tiger, now Avatar and his personal attacks on the warmongers of the world. At this time the new Doctor Fate, Jared Stevens, removed the Succubus powers from Eve. This left her void of any fear and emotions and her physical appearance altered (for a duration) once again. Later, back to her white complexion only now with short hair, Eve fell under the mind control of Gorilla Grodd in his attempt to collect a reward, by then President Luthor, for the capture of Superman. She joined the Squad in a mission along with Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, and Deadshot to retrieve Rick Flag from a Russian prison, this information was found to be false during the mission.


    Eve next appears alongside other magical heroes in attempt to stop the Spectre, being influenced by Eclipso (Jean Loring), from destroying all magic on Earth. Before stopping the Spectre, Eve is abducted by Alex Luthor for part of his mad attempt to use the various heroes of the former Earths of the multiverse as part of his constructed tower to create a single perfect Earth. After this “Crisis” is stopped, Eve decides to join some other magical heroes to become the group known as Shadowpact. Since then she has served with the Shadowpact battling a host of magical villains.

    Brightest Day

    Nightshade is later taken over by Eclipso who is gathering all shadow casting heroes and villains to his cause.

    Personal Information

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    • Real Name: Eve Eden
    • Status: Hero
    • Occupation: Adventurer
    • Base: Washington DC
    • Ethnicity: Homo Magi
    • Height: 5ft 8in
    • Weight: 139 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Black
    • Marital Status: Single

    Powers and Abilities

    Nightshade's main power is the ability to teleport her and others by passing through the Land of the Nightshade. However, her passengers are subject to their worst nightmares when passing through that dimension. She is able to transform herself into a semi-solid shadow form (that now requires a great amount of concentration) and can expand shadows. She also has the ability to create shadowy homunculus. Nightshade has high skills in the martial arts, becoming especially proficient in Karate. Her time with the CBI and the Suicide Squad has given her an extensive knowledge of espionage tactics and stealth. Growing up with a Senator for a father, she possesses tact and skill in dealing with people.

    Some comics have demonstrated her floating/levitating or possibly flying though it has never been specified.

    Other Media

    Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

    No Caption Provided

    In the movie, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, President Lex Luthor places a balance on Superman's head. Nightshades was one of the many heroes who were after him, so she could turn him in for the reward.


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