Nights with a Cat #3

    Nights with a Cat » Nights with a Cat #3 - Vol. 3 released by Yen Press on March 2024.

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    Fuuta’s daily life with his sister’s cat Kyuruga continues! Between all the different ways to pet a cat, the many methods a cat uses to ask for attention, and all the places a cat likes to sit, there’s always more for Fuuta to learn about living with a feline companion!

    Chapter Titles

    • The Cat Lounges in Strange Places
    • Can't Lift Right
    • The Cat That Pushes
    • The Cat on Your Tummy
    • Soft-Bite Attack
    • Wants to Pull the Hand Out
    • Different Face Every Time
    • Want to Straighten the Tail
    • Skirt of Fur
    • Very Slick Interference
    • The Cat Is Bad at Getting Pet
    • Cat Fast Asleep
    • Temptations of a Paper Bag
    • He Wanted to Catch It
    • The Cat Is Here to Wake You Up
    • Couldn't Resist Paying Attention
    • The Cat Gets the Wrong Idea
    • Under the Carpet
    • Distracting Even When Behaving
    • Place It, and He Will Come
    • Chin-Grooming
    • Kyuruga and a Visitor
    • New Scratcher
    • First Catnip
    • Kyuruga Goes to the Vet
    • The Cat Comes to Bother
    • The Cat Intrudes on Sad Scenes
    • Itchy Up High
    • The Cat's Forehead Fur
    • The Cat Wants Attention from a Distance
    • The Cat Sits Again
    • The Cat Clicks His Tongue
    • The Cat Gets Activated by String
    • Bonus: Biscuits


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    Story Arcs

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