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    An artificial human created by Ex Nihilo who was endowed with cosmic powers by the White Event.

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    Adam was created in The Garden on Mars by Ex Nihilo in order to form a new human race. After a battle, Adam was taken back to Earth by the Avengers who took him in and attempted to understand him. Captain Universe later decoded his language and granted him the ability to speak English.

    Adam warned that a White Event was coming, and when it did engulfed New York City and imbued Adam with the powers of Nightmask.


    This iteration of Nightmask was created by writer Jonathan Hickman and penciler Jerome Opeña, and appeared first appeared in the 2013 Avengers series.

    Major Story Arcs

    Once rescued by the Avengers, Tony Stark attempts to understand his language, mistakenly believing his name to be Blackveil. Originally Nightmask could only speak Builder Machine Code, a coded language revealed at the end of Avengers #6, until Captain Universe used her powers on him so that he could be understood by the Avengers and warn them of the coming White Event.

    After the Last White Event, Nightmask explains that the event has altered him in order to shepherd in the ascension of the universe, and begins to track down other areas on Earth that the event reached, in order to locate other humans that have been affected.

    Nightmask locates another area affected by the White Event at a College in the United States. Leading the Avengers to it, they discover all that remains is a young man named Kevin Connor who has been given the power of the Star Brand. After a short battle between Kevin and the Avengers, Nightmask stops the fight and teleports Kevin away to the Superflow of the Universe, explaining what has happened to him. He then teleports once again, leading the new Star Brand to Mars and confronting Ex Nihilo.


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