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    Keith Remsen is Nightmask a superhuman with the ability to enter the dreams of others.

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    Keith Remsen is Nightmask
    Keith Remsen is Nightmask

    As Keith Remsen bid his family farewell for a summer trip to Zurich, tragedy struck in the form of a terrorist bomb which took the life of both his parents and crippled his sister, Teddy. Remsen fell into a coma and was left with a crescent moon shaped scar on his forehead.

    After some time at the hospital, an event, which came to be known as the White Event, a white light which engulfed the world for a matter of seconds woke Remsen from his coma. Remsen discovered that he acquired the ability to enter the dreams of others when he was himself asleep. In this dream state, Remsen battles the fears of others as he attempts to help them find peace which cascades down to their awakened state.

    Remsen also has a symbiotic link with his sister, Teddy, who assists him by calling out to him while he is in the dream state of other people. The allows Remsen to return to a conscious state.

    Much later, Remsen discoved that he could give himself the persona of Nightmask which enables him to hide his identity from those people whose dreams he visits.


    Nightmask was created by Archie Goodwin and first appeared in Nightmask #1.

    Character Evolution

    Major Story Arcs

    World Tour

    Kevin MacTaggert, the mutant known as Proteus, began a quest for the most powerful host body he could find in the entire multiverse. In a bid to defeat Proteus once and for all, the Exiles sought the aid of Nightmask to enter Proteus' dreamscape and weaken him from within. After successfully putting Proteus to sleep, Remsen entered Kevin's dreams as Nightmask. In a demented nightmarish realm where Kevin was torturing his mother, strapped to an operating table, with a chainsaw Nightmask intervened and attempted to talk Proteus into submission. Proteus responded by tearing Nightmask's heart out while claiming that he wished to know if it's true that if someone dies in their dreams they die in real life.


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