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Nightfighter is a crime fighter, superhero and member of the Protectorate, a powerful group of superheroes, that are named after their goal of protecting things that need to be protected and being self appointed protectors of Earth and reality. He serves alongside the other members of the Protectorate White Bird, Thor, Citydweller, Nicola Zeitgeist, Technocrat. They have frequently saved the Earth and reality itself multiple times from multiple threats, including alien invasions, ending world hunger and fixing time itself. They operate out of a subspace location known as the Foldcastle which grants them to be anywhere they need at a moments notice.

Nightfighter's cerebral cortex and nervous system has been replaced by an interlocking chain of microscopic computers that allows for a variety of effects, such as running through various possible outcomes in any given situation and allowing him to predict outcomes.


Nightfighter is a Marvel comics published character created by Steven Grant, Warren Ellis and Ariel Olivetti. Technocrat first appears in the X-Man series in the issue X-Man #72 - Fearful Symmetries Part 2. Nightfighter is an analogue/homage to the Authority team's Midnighter character. The Midnighter character himself a combination of influences from Batman, the Shadow, with some influence from John Woo. Nightfighter also has some traits similar to Captain America.

Character Evolution

Nightfighter is a supporting character in the latter quarter of the X-Man series.

Major Story Arcs

The Burning Tiger Qabiri

Nightfighter the Protectorate encounter the mysterious inter-dimensional interloper Qabiri of the Shining City. Qabiri had set New York ablaze killing all its seven million citizens. Citydweller, Nightfighter, White Bird and Technocrat would be first to confront Qabiri, but their attempts to subdue him would fail, Qabiri manhandling the quartet with his power. Respite would come as Thor, Zeitgeist and Nate Xavier would arrive, the power of the team. Qabiri would leave suddenly, confusing the Protectorate, but Thor and the Professor would follow him.

Powers and Abilities

Nightfighter can predict possible outcomes and use his above human physical capabilities to exploit gaps as predicted and anticipated.


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