Character » Nightfall appears in 41 issues.

    Cadre member who uses her bracelets, which give her superpowers, to terrorize the world as Nightfall.

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    Nightfall is a member of the Cadre and a minor league opponent. Nightfall is reputedly a former college student, and was part of the original Cadre.

    She also was among the large number of female super-villains assembled by the ancient sorceress Circe to attack New York City. During this battle she and Harpi of the Hybrid were seen attacking Hawkman, who had been partially turned into a beast by Circe. Nightfall later teamed up with Nox (of the New Olympians) to fight Dr. Light, but they were blown out of the sky by the powerful Japanese superheroine.

    Nightfall continued to operate with the Cadre, and was present when they worked for then betrayed Doctor Polaris. Along with Crowbar and Black Mass, she also attempted to avoid deportation to an alien planet. Although they were intercepted by Black Lightning, they apparently weren’t deported.

    For some odd reason, Nightfall and Black Mass were also spotted in a crowd when many aliens living on Earth were summoned to Metropolis. Perhaps they were in Metropolis at that point and their alien bracers reacted to the summon due to that proximity. Nightfall seems to be one of two surviving members of the original Cadre.


    Marital Status: Unknown

    Known Relatives: None

    Group affiliation: Cadre

    Base Of Operations: Formerly the Overmaster’s mountain

    Height: 5‘5” Weight: 120 lbs

    Eyes: Unrevealed Hair: Jet black

    Powers and Abilities

    Her bracelets giver her ability's such as Darkness Manipulation and Flight. Her Darkness absorbs all light near it and all kinetic energy.

    Nightfall can project huge beams of darkness from her hands. Nightfall was also stated to create “a null-field of pure darkness, absorbing all light and kinetic energy in a given area”.


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