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    Redlance's recognised life-mate of the Wolfriders; elven huntress

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    Nightfall is one of the original Wolfriders of Wendy & Richard Pini's elfquest. She grew up a great hollow oak with the Wolfriders. She is female hunter alongside her chief Cutter often joining them in their pranks and contests. She is Cutter's cousin, a few years older; the elves naturally inbreeding to maintain their population.

    Nightfall is the character in the wolf-rider clan who is least shaken by fear. She is life-mated, or "recognised" to Redlance. She seems to have no supernatural powers of her own. The couple seems inseparable throughout the saga; they, along with Cutter & Leetah, Strongbow & Moonshade, Clearbrook & One-Eye, the shining example of the soul-bond partnership ideaL of elfQuest. She is frank and supportive member of the tribe at the fireside council sessions.

    During the Go-Back & Wolfriders ascent towards the Palace of the High Ones, she clad herself in Two-Edge's armour while Redlance stayed to defend the Go-Back Den. Nightfall remains frank, sensual, and loyal to Cutter throughout his adventure and became a trusted confidant of leetah after Cutter recognised in Sun Village.


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