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He got killed in action by Bastion. Bastion better be destroyed yet. I hope so! A writer had to choose Nightcrawler better than others. I can not believe it is him! I love him. He doesn't deserve to die being an X-Man, good person, and a family to the X-Men. 

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The Bastion/Nimrod amalgamation has been destroyed by Hope Summers at the end of X-Force #28.  

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Kurt's soul seems to still be making a lot of regular appearances in Wolverine, and looks to be tasked with being his guardian angel.
Death wasn't strong enough to stop Kurt apparently.

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@CATPANEXE: Not too mention we get to see the AOA version of Kurt in the current X-Force series..... hey I'll take what I can get !
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Why create a new thread to lament the death of a character who died last year?  Look in his forum & join in the threads there, instead of creating a duplicate.

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