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Some angry ghosts with unfinished business are wreaking havoc in the New York subways, and only Nightcrawler can meet them on their own terms--in the dark!

After a brief fight with the ghosts in the tunnels, Kurt finally asks them what it was that they wanted. The ghosts point in the direction they want Kurt to travel which leads him to a little pile of rubble. In it he finds a shard of bone and takes it to Beast who determines that I could’ve come from a jaw or skull. Kurt then takes a piece of the bone to Limbo where he has Magik take a look at it. After he returns from Limbo he goes to the city’s library and finds an article about the cave in where the seventeen workers died because of a cave-in. At a ceremony celebrating the birthday of the subway station the mayor acknowledges the deaths of the workers and promises that their descendents will be paid money for the losses of their past relatives. The ghosts found their peace and went to rest after they heard the words said by the mayor.

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