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Nightcrawler comes face-to-face with his living caricature. Meet the Bamfs, a strange race of mini-Nightcrawlers with teleportation powers and prehensile tails! Nightcrawler uncovers the truth about the dimension he’s trapped in. How is Kitty Pryde responsible for his current reality?

Nightcrawler finds himself staring bewildered at a diminutive blue creature known as a Bamf. More shocking is the fact that the Bamf resembles a caricature of Nightcrawler himself. He soon deduces that he is actually inside a Fairy Tale dimension once created by his teammate, Kitty Pryde. The Bamf befriends Nightcrawler (regarding him as a father figure) and brings him back to his puffball community on Bamf Island. Dozens of small Bamfs come running out to greet them.

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