Team » Nightbreed appears in 42 issues.

    A society of demons that secretly live in the underground city of Midian. Some are peaceful, while others are violent and sadistic killers.

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    "What lays below, stays below."


    Midian is the last refuge for mutants and demons; the last safe place away from a world that despises them. The creatures who dwell there label themselves Nightbreed.

    We are introduced to the powerful mutants when Aaron Boone, the hero of our story, is framed for murder by his psychiatrist and later we discover serial killer Decker. Boone is forced to flee and encounters a man in the hospital who tells him about Midian, a place for outcasts. Boone in desperation is drawn to Midian and there is attacked by two of the demons. Fearing him, they bite and infect him with their blood.

    Boone alters, his body changing to that of a half demon. He is able to control his ability but soon has to seek refuge from humanity in the deepest pit of Midian.

    He becomes the Nightbreeds' hero and savior, leading them to fight and repel the onslaught of humans who wish to destroy their safe haven.

    Midian is located in Alberta, Canada; though its actual existence is hidden in a mist.

    Midian has existed since before Christ and has housed the countless demons and mutants that require its refuge and support.

    The Unlikely Heroes of Midian

    In the comics, the Nightbreed were almost a super-hero team and fought various demonic threats who were also created by Clive Barker, including Pinhead and the Cenobites, and Rawhead Rex.


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