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    A Chinese-American meta-human able to regenerate his entire body, possibly from even the smallest cell. Nik Mayak was a pro martial artist. He joined the Blood Pack, but was later slain in Infinite Crisis.

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    Nik Mayak lost the use of his legs in a car crash that also claimed the life of his father. While in the hospital, he exercised his upper body strength by throwing small objects until he could hit a bullseye constantly. He would have spent his life as a paraplegic if it hadn't been for the alien parasite Lissik attacking the hospital. When she drank Nik's spinal fluid, his latent regenerative powers kicked in and his legs healed. He learned that the alien had killed his mother and sister and so helped Green Lantern Hal Jordan battle her and drive her out of Coast City.  

    Blood Pack

    Nik later joined other "New Blood" heroes in forming the Blood Pack, taking the name Nightblade, and relying on throwing knives and his recuperative powers to combat alien invaders. The team was short-lived. Nightblade continued to be a hero on his own. 

    Infinite Crisis

    During Infinite Crisis, Nightblade and several other superheroes were called upon by Oracle in order to defend Metropolis from The Society. While Nightblade and the Blood Pack were fighting against Solomon Grundy, the insane Superboy-Prime killed them all with his heat vision.  

    Blackest Night

    During Blackest Night, Nightblade was resurrected as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. He and other resurrected members of the Blood Pack were organized by Alexander Luthor to attack Superboy Prime.     

    Powers and Abilities

    Nik Mayak was already a martial arts expert and had trained himself to have impeccable aim with throwing knives and any other sharp objects before he got his powers.

    When Nik gained his powers, he acquired greatly enhanced reflexes, strength, and the ability to fully regenerate any part of his body. It's believed that his regenerative powers may be powerful enough to allow him to regenerate from a single cell.


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