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    Nightbeat is a detective among the Autobots with an insatiable hunger for uncovering mysteries and conspiracies. He often operates as a lone agent.

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    Toy History

    Marvel Comics continuity

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    Transformers Collector's Club continuity

    IDW continuity

    Chasing Mysteries

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    The discovery of a recording device belonging to the original Autobot Ark on a planet called Gorlam Prime was a mystery that Nightbeat, the finest detective among the Autobots, could not resist looking into. What he found on Gorlam Prime was a civilization on the brink of evolving completely from organic to technological like the Cybertronians. However, the evidence he could see suggested that this evolution was aided by alien influences rather than progressing natural. Underground, he found a network of tunnels clearly designed to accomodate a being of his size, and they led him too a sealed off vault. Curiosity overcame the sense to call in for an assault team, and he investigated beyond the vault door. He discovered what looked like an underground lake, and he recognized it as a portal to another dimension.

    It was at this point Nightbeat became the victim of an ambush. His attackers appeared Cybertronian, but they were designed at a smaller scale and behaved like drones. He was overcome by their speed and manueverability. Once captured, his mind was tampered with by Jhiaxus. His memory of Gorlam Prime was erased. An implant was installed in him to allow Jhiaxus to control him when the time was right. When this was all done, he was put back in his ship as if nothing had happened.

    Optimus Prime contacted him soon after he became self-aware again, ordering him to come to Earth.


    Nightbeat rendezvoused with Ark-32 on its way to Earth, joining up with Hot Rod and Hardhead. They arrived in the midst of an open battle happening between Autobots and Decepticons. Nighbeat stayed aboard the ship and teleported Hot Rod and Hardhead down into the fight.

    Nightbeat's skills were needed on Earth to uncover answers to some mysteries that were trouble the unit stationed there. Besides the difficulties with the Decepticons, Sunstreaker had been abducted by a shadowy human organization. Nightbeat determined that one of the Autobot's young human allies had inadvertantly brought a homing device aboard Ark-19, which was hiding in Lake Michigan. Bumblebee confirmed his suspicions about this, finding many surveillance devices around the lake. He reported to Optimus Prime that Ark-19 had been compromised and suggested they relocate it.

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    On its way to the Gulf of Mexico, Ark-19 was intercepted and shot down by Sixshot. Nightbeat and the rest of the crew survived and engaged in combat with the highly destructive Decepticon. During the fight, Nightbeat was covered by his fellow Autobots as he linked up with Ark-32 in orbit and initialized an orbital jump that teleported the Autobots out of the battle zone.

    Later, events elsewhere forced Optimus Prime to pull the Autobots forced away from Earth.

    Return to Gorlam Prime

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    As the Autobots left Earth, Nightbeat had some time to comb through his own files and came across a new mystery. Data that he had recorded himself claimed he traveled to a planet called Gorlam Prime, but he had no memory of doing anything of the sort. He suspected a conspiracy. He believed strongly that parties unknown to him had captured him and done things to his mind. At the very least, his memories had been tampered with. At the very worst, he was a danger to his fellow Autobots.

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    He enlisted the help of Hardhead when he made the decision to return to Gorlam Prime. He needed an Autobot he could trust to watch him and do what was necessary if his worst suspicions were true.

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    This precaution turned out to be necessary. As Nightbeat and Hardhead descended into the same network of tunnels Nightbeat had discovered before, Jhiaxus took control of him. He was no longer in control of his body or possibly even conscious as he attempted to kill Hardhead. The attempt failed. Hardhead then killed him with a shot through the head before descending into the Dead Universe portal to escape.


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