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Brief History

The assassin known as the Night Flyer
The assassin known as the Night Flyer

The Night Flyer’s true identity is unknown. He is an eccentric and “weird” hit man that was a cultist, mystic and ritualist dedicated to the art of killing. He was most feared and respected among all hit men and considered the embodiment of sudden death. The Corporation tried to eliminate a patient called the Defector that was staying at a SHIELD medical complex. The assassination attempt was thwarted by another patient named Steve Rogers who was recovering from injuries he suffered at the hands of Arnim Zola and the Red Skull. When the attempt failed, a member of the Corporation named Veda hired the Night Flyer to finish the job. Security was tight at the medical complex knowing that the Defector was a wanted man. The Falcon and multiple SHIELD personnel were there for extra protection and security. The Night Flyer managed to infiltrate the complex with his armored glider even though he met some opposition by Falcon. As he entered the complex, the Night Flyer sent off his armored glider above the complex as a distraction and have it orbit the area. He entered the room where the Defector was in with the Falcon in pursuit. He pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots at his target. He realized it was a dummy and suddenly the Night Flyer was surrounded by the Falcon, Steve Rogers and multiple SHIELD agents.

The Night Flyer ranted about how nothing would prevent him from taking out the target even though he was surrounded. He put his arms together as if he was praying and looked like he was in some deep meditation. Suddenly a burst of volatile energy knocks everyone around him off their feet. Steve Rogers who was recovering from eye injuries tried to stop the Night Flyer but was nearly killed when he dodged a gunshot to his head. The Night Flyer complimented Steve Rogers for his superb reflexes but did not want to waste another shot on him because he was paid to take out the Defector. The Night Flyer searches the complex for his target and kills multiple SHIELD agents in the process. He runs into the Falcon but manages to knock him out. A SHIELD mole hired by the Corporation reveals to the Night Flyer the true location of the Defector. Captain takes out the mole with his shield and confronts the Night Flyer. Captain is still blind from his previous injuries and tries to hold off the Night Flyer the best he can. Meanwhile some SHIELD personnel discover the Night Flyer’s glider on a monitor and realize it is no ordinary glider with its instrumentation and ability to orbit the complex. They believe the glider could be supplying the Night Flyer with power so they shoot it down with multiple missile attacks. Once the glider was destroyed, the Night Flyer suddenly collapsed. SHIELD agents arrive and discovered the scarred and charred body of the Night Flyer. They realized he was somehow linked to his glider. When the glider was destroyed, the enormous power surge transmitted directly to the Night Flyer and was killed.

Night Flyer battles the Hulk
Night Flyer battles the Hulk
The Night Flyer's body would be stored at the SHIELD morgue but his remains were taken and resurrected by the Corruptor. The Corruptor had plans to use the Hulk as his pawn and wanted the Night Flyer to increase his rage and bring him back to him. The Night Flyer would engage the Hulk in battle and hurt Betty Ross in the process when he shot her with a razor-sharp javelin. This enraged the Hulk and he smashed the Night Flyer's glider. Since the glider has some unexplained symbiotic link with the Night Flyer, he would collapse once the glider was destroyed and his body turned to ash. His death would be the distraction the Corruptor needed to take control of the Hulk.

Powers and Abilities:

The Night Flyer was a trained hit man and excellent marksman. He is also very good in hand-to-hand combat. It is uncertain if the ability to release a high voltage shock force was from his suit or from something he learned through mystic or ritual means. 


The Night Flyer used an armored glider as means of transportation and it was equipped with instrumentation. The glider had the ability to orbit certain areas and can be recalled by an electronic signal.  

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