Night Creepers

    Team » Night Creepers appears in 22 issues.

    Highly trained ninjas.

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    The Night Creepers are an elite cadre of highly trained ninjas led by the mysterious man known as Aleph. Aleph contracts their services out to criminal organizations or individuals who can meet his exorbitant fee.

    The Night Creeper Leader approached Cobra Commander to offer up their services to Cobra for whatever they might need. Cobra Commander reluctantly accepted, giving them their first assignment: kill Storm Shadow. Losing a great deal of their operatives in the process, the mission was a failure, but Cobra Commander saw potential in the group and hired them several more times over the years.

    Since Cobra's dissolution at the hands of G.I. Joe in the nineties, the Night Creepers have kept busy carrying out assassinations of CEO's for corporations seeking hostile takeovers and other such highly paid ventures. Now that Cobra is back in business, it remains to be seen if Cobra Commander will one again call upon their services.


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