Character » Nicole appears in 34 issues.

    Nicole was a cyborg who posed as an ex-mutant to infiltrate X-Factor under the orders of the Isolationist.

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    Nicole was created by the Isolationist, who used the inventive mutant abilities of Forge, to infiltrate X-Factor in an attempt to exterminate what remains of mutantkind.

    She posed as an ex-mutant who lost her family in an anti-mutant riot that resulted in a huge fire in France. X-Factor members M and Siryn found the seemingly orphaned girl and took her home with them back to Mutant Town.

    Layla Miller, whose intuitive nature often assisted the team, took an instant disliking to Nicole and was alarmed to not "know stuff" about X-Factor's new ward.

    When the X-Factor team was preoccupied and Layla Miller was alone, Nicole tried to kill Layla Miller by shoving her into a moving subway. As Nicole charged towards Layla, Layla noticed a penny on the ground and kneeled down to pick it up causing Nicole to trip and suffer the fate she had intended for her target.


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