Nicole Morrison

    Character » Nicole Morrison appears in 10 issues.

    The teenage girl chosen to be the host of Adara, the Emotional Embodiment of Hope.

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    Nicole Morrison is a 14-year old girl from Livonia, Michigan.  She had been kidnapped on a Tuesday afternoon and her parents and hundreds of volunteers had spent two days searching the area in which she was last seen.  
    Her abductor, Winston Woods, was nice to her but unstable.  Nicole forgave the man as her mother had always taught her to forgive those who do wrong.  In an attempt to escape, Nicole escaped from her bonds, tossing a tray of food at her kidnapper.  Nicole ran up the stairs but the man caught her and forced her to the ground.  Threatening Nicole's life, both of them were surprised by the arrival of Adara, the emotional embodiment of hope.   Choosing Nicole as it's host, Adara confronted Woods and forgave him.   
    Later, Saint Walker brings Hal Jordan and Larfleeze to Nicole's location. Still possessed by the hope entity, Nicole appears to retain her sense of self, stating she is able to hear the hope in her parents' hearts as well as the crowd around them.  Nicole goes on to say she can sense an emptiness in Larfleeze and tells him that his parents are still alive and they miss him.  She also tells Jordan that he is afraid to hope and asks him why.  Before Hal could answer though, the group is interrupted by the arrival of the Flash
    After Flash and Jordan discuss Jordan's recent actions, the Indigo Tribe appears with Proselyte who has chosen a host, as well as Black Hand who appears to be brain-washed. Nicole confirms this saying 'she senses no hope inside them'. Tension grow about whose side the Indigo Tribe is really on. This is cut short when the mysterious figure appears again and releases Parallax, who possesses the Flash. 
    A battle erupts then between Jordan and the Parallax possessed Flash. While this is happening Nicole, Saint Walker, Larfleeze, and Proselyte try to defeat the figure. This fails when the figure rips Parallax, Proselyte, and Adara from there hosts. Jordan asked who the figure is revealing himself to be Krona
     Nicole is then shown being carried to safety by Saint Walker because she is now powerless and in danger of being hurt.

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