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Former SHIELD agent turned assassin, Nico and her twin brother Carmine develop a grudge against Elektra and dedicate their lives to confronting and disciplining her for her past crimes.


Nico is a Marvel comics character created by Zeb Wells and Clayton Henry. She first appears in the Dark Reign: Elektra mini-series released in 2009 alongside her brother. Visually, she and her brother's appearances play off and compliment each other. Visually similar, they both are missing opposing eyes, lost by Elektra's actions.

Character Evolution

Appearing for only one mini-series as a minor character role, the character Nico did not really have much opportunity for development as one would naturally expect.

Major Story Arcs

Dark Reign: Elektra

After word of Elektra's reappearance is spread around the intelligence community, and confirmation that she was alive and well, various bounties were placed on her head. Nico and her brother Carmine were a part of the group that placed a $82 million dollars on her head as a bounty. They would also decide to take a more proactive role in capturing Elektra as well looking to hunt her down in New York after she escaped from a HAMMER Helicarrier.

Powers & Abilities

No notable powers or abilities, aside from former SHIELD training, including above average hand-to-hand fighting skills and experience, as well as access to a variety of weapons. Nico appears to prefer machine-gun style weapon types.


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