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    Character » Nicki Jones appears in 13 issues.

    Nicki Jones received her powers from Lex Luthor's Everyman Project. After being given power over plants, Nicki assumed the name Jade and joined Luthors Infinity Inc.

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    Nicki Jones first appears in Week 29 of DC's 52 comic event.


    Nicki Jones is a graphic arts student from the San Francisco Art Institute who is granted superpowers by Lex Luthor's Everyman Project.

    Jones is one of the most idealistic members of Infinity, Inc., and she truly believes that she can bring hope to the people. As an avid vegetarian her powers were plant-based.

    Jones takes on the alias 'Jade' once she joins Infinity Inc. The original Jade, the daughter of the first Green Lantern - Alan Scott, and the sister of Obsidian, died during the Infinite Crisis.

    Infinity Inc.

    Lex Luther debuted Nicki as the newest replacement member for Infinity Inc. on Thanksgiving Day. Jade was attacked by Obsidian when he was angered by her disrespectful use of his sisters name .Obsidian demands that Jade take off her uniform, which is (aside from the star symbol being replaced with a green flower) identical to that of the original Jade, but lacking the green skin. He quickly dispatches the rest of Infinity Inc, and grapples with Jade, whose powers are no match for the shadowy might of Obsidian. Alan Scott eventually interferes and forces Obsidian to let a visibly shaken Jade go.Her new teammates told Green Lantern off, saying that the Golden Age of old heroes was over.

    Later Jade would comment to Natasha Irons and Skyman that she felt that Everyman had been in her room. Skyman announced to her that he was probably looking for a piece of her body such as a nail or fallen hair, because eating it would allow him to take her form. Screaming Jade left the room running, horrified at the very notion. Jade, like the other members of Infinity Inc., survives the 'Rain of the Supermen,' during which most of Luthor's Everymen lost their powers and their lives.

    Later Jade would be among the many heroes at the Great Wall of China and, even though she initially fled with the rest of Infinity Inc., she later returned and helped the rest of the hero community try and stop Black Adam's rampage.


    As a result of Lex Luthor's experiments, Nicki was granted power over plants, and can manifest glowing energy vines which she can grow out of her fingertips and use as a shield or to trap her enemies. She also displayed the power to fire green bio-blasts had and the ability to fly.


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