Nick St. Clair

    Character » Nick St. Clair appears in 9 issues.

    Nick St. Clair is a bad boy who is rebellious and took a liking to Veronica Lodge.

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    Nick is the a rebellious bad boy who lives with his uncle and aunt. Nick St. Clair meet Veronica, Midge and Betty at the movies. She then asked Veronica on a date when they got into a fight with some guys and he beat them easily. Next week he went to Riverdale High School and formed a bad first impression with Archie and some of the other students. One day at school Nick was trying to make Dilton do his essay , but he refused and trying tried to punch him when he was stopped by Archie and Coach Clayton proposed that they fight in the school fighting ring and Archie won. Later Betty planned a plan to get Veronica to breakup with Nick, she asks him out to the movies where Veronica would see the two of them together and get furious and breakup with him. Later he was exposed for turning in a fake essay to Ms. Grundy and she flunked him and his parents sent him to military school.
    Months later Nick returned to Riverdale to see his uncle and aunt and to apologize to everyone. Later when some motorcycle punks were harassing Betty, Nick beat them and asked Betty on a date. Later on at an award dinner for Betty two more motorcycle punks showed up to get revenge on Nick for beating their friends. Then Veronica threaten to call the police then they drove away.

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