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Dubbed the "runaway son of the new creation" Nick Simmons has followed in his father's footsteps into the world of rock n roll universe as a vocalist in a rock band. 
He began his career as an arist  by joining the undergound New York City Comic Book scene of 'fanzines' (underground 'homemade' comics made and distributed by fans based on their own creativity and passion).  He created titles like 'Cosmos' and 'Stilletto'  which were circulated particularly in the Spanish Harlem area of NYC.  
Simmons entered the world of published comics with Radical Publishing with work in their 2009 released title Radical and has since gone on to create the title Incarnate.  Radical Publishing highlighted the series as it was being made by the son of KISS frontman Gene Simmons' son.


In late February 2010, a lot of attention was focused on the content of Incarnate, with accusations of plagiarism.  Many social networking sites including FaceBook and LiveJournal began to scrutinise the character designs, scripts and particularly the artwork of the series.  Comparisons have been highlighted between Incarnate and various popular manga series including (but not exclusive to) Vampire Hunter D, Death Note, Deadman Wonderland and in particular Tite Kubo's Bleach, as well as instances of art showcased on DeviantArt.   
Subsequently in early March 2010 Radical Publishing halted the release of a trade collection of Incarnate & issued a press release until the matter was further investigated. 

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