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Created specifically to be the villain in the Health Education Council's (the HEC) anti-smoking campaign.  Nick O'Teen was created by DC Comics and appeared in print between 1980 & 1982.  The HEC's Superman Vs Nick O'Teen campaign was considered a success with over 800,000 children cutting out the attached forms to request more information from the HEC.  It was also highly praised by schools, parent groups, children and international countries. 

 Nick O'Teen's Dastardly Plans
 Nick O'Teen's Dastardly Plans
As a character, Nick O'Teen didn't appear to have any super powers.  He would plot to offer free cigarettes to unsuspecting school children.  However, he would run at the first sight of Superman who could apprehend him with relative ease.  His physical appearance resembled that of a typical 1920's film villain, but his top hat was made to look like a burnt cigarette butt.  As he was a long-term chain-smoker, Nick O'Teen's teeth were stained a bright yellow, a distinctive side-effect of someone who regularly smokes.  His name is a pun on nicotine; the highly addictive alkaline substance found in tobacco.

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