Nick Katzenberg

    Character » Nick Katzenberg appears in 74 issues.

    A former photographer of Daily Bugle and one of the biggest sleaze-bags you could ever hope to meet.

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    Nick Katzenberg was a photographer of the Daily Bugle and was often a rival to Peter Parker. He was known for his immoral way of doing journalism and had various fights with people, inside and outside the Daily Bugle. Most often he fought verbally with Peter Parker, whom could not stand him.


    Nick Katzenberg was created by Gerry Conway and Alex Savuik and first appeared in Web of Spider-Man Vol.1 issue 50 (1989).

    Major Story Arcs


    Nick Katzenberg's vendetta with Peter Parker was an excuse for him to discredit him in any way he could. This resulted in Nick talking to Parker's aunt May and photos he had taken in an attempt to blackmail Peter Parker. He also frequently made harassing phone calls to Mary Jane.

    In a Fight with the Hobgoblin

    Katzenberg's own sleazy tactics eventually caused him to cross the wrong man: Jason Macendale, AKA the former Hobgoblin, and his apartment was pumpkin bombed as a result. Though Spidey and Moon Knight dragged Katzenberg out of the burning building after he had a heart attack, he still proves to be the sleazy journalist he always was.


    He later eventually lost a battle to lung cancer, brought about by his many years of smoking. It was the sad, sorry, deteriating state he was in during his final moments that helped convince Mary Jane Watson to give up her smoking habit.


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