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Apogee of Disaster Part 1. Guest-starring the Fantastic Four!

SHIELD must find who is responsible for vital information leaks withing the Datalink company. Once found, it's a trip to the stars to stop them.


NASA and ESA have contracted with Datalink to test out some of the latest technologies in satellite research. Unfortunately, some of the information is being lifted/stolen from Datalink's computers. Nick Fury infiltrates Datalink as a nerdy, twitchy businessman. Once inside, he removes a drone from his fake eye to search the place and find data center. Once deployed, Fury's team launches a distraction: they blow the tire of a passing security van that careens into the Datalink compound. Fury takes out his guide, a high ranking scientist, and begins to move towards the data center. On his way, he is accosted by a guard; Fury simply takes him out and dons his apparel. He finally makes it to the control center and downloads the necessary data. Whomever stole the information won't be able to hide too long from SHIELD. Fury escapes and rejoins his team.

Back at Datalink, a man named Peter Lohan is summoned to Mr. Chiyo's office. Mr. Chiyo is a ranking officer within Datalink and he's discovered that Peter is responsible for the leaked information. Instead of a messy firing and public flogging (actions which could hurt the company image), Chiyo suggests that Peter resign. Peter, however, convenes with some of his associates, all of which are co-conspirators. They resolve to speed up their plans, plans which they hope will enable them to boost more information on the cosmos. This information would be used to up their societal status. Peter arrives in Chiyo's office the next day but, instead of giving Chiyo a resignation letter, Peter gives Chiyo a bullet in the head.

A bit later, Lohan has hijacked a shuttle with two very important satellite payloads. Fury gets called in, but the situation looks grim: no shuttles are available to go after Lohan. No shuttles, unless you know where to look. Mr. Fantastic agrees to supply SHIELD with a ship capable of space, but Thing and the Human Torch are going to have to help. As the two Fantastic Fours prep, Bruno Kreah is introduced to the SHIELD team. He designed the breached computer at Datalink and should be of assistance when the hijackers are located. Final preparations finished, the team launches into the air with the Human Torch as the main thruster. Once in space, the Human Torch leaves the team and SHIELD approaches the hijacked shuttle. Expecting nerds, Fury is surprised when Lohan releases explosives. The ship is hit and Fury's team braces for impact.

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