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Nick Cruz is a cop who was murdered by an unknown assailant in the line of duty. He accepts a deal with the R.I.P.D. to serve a hundred years of service in exchange for a chance to figure out who it was that killed him. He is partnered with veteran agent Roy Pulsipher.

Major Story Arcs


Nick Cruz is investigating a case when he is murderer and sent to heaven's waiting room. Soon Nick makes a deal with God's Lawyer to work for R.I.P.D. for 100 years in exchange for getting the chance to solve his murder. He then meets his new partner Roy who shows him the ropes and explains that that Demons are on Earth and it's their job to send them back to Hell.

Nick learns that he was murdered by his partner Nettles, who was covering up the fact that he was selling Ash and had sold his soul to Satan. Nick and Roy follow Nettles to hell where the pair kill Cerberus, save Satan from being killed by one of his own Demons and bring back Nettles for the murder of Nick and corruption of Earth.

Nick later watches Roy retire and takes over being an agent for R.I.P.D..

City of the Damn

Nick is taking out of commission when Roy faces his old partner.

Other Versions


Nick is played by Ryan Reynolds in the movie version of R.I.P.D.


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