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    The Captain America of Harrisburg, PA, a promising gymnast turned activist, who protects her vulnerable neighborhood at night. "Vanguard of a Bright Future."

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    Nichelle was a successful college gymnast, who walked away from a promising future to dedicate her life to activism for her hometown. They were in the middle of a water crisis, and she organized marches and held lawmakers accountable until it was fixed. However, at night, her community was vulnerable because the authorities carried a grudge. So, she embraced the symbols of Captain America and fought back.


    Nichelle debuted in The United States of Captain America #2 by writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Dale Eaglesmith. It also featured a back up story from Nichelle's point of view from writer Mohale Mashigo and artist Natacha Bustos.

    Notes from Captain America

    Steve Rogers

    Nichelle's ruffled a lot of feathers by speaking up about infrastructure problems in her hometown and keeping outsiders from hassling local businesses. She's making a lot of powerful enemies. I hope she's got backup to rely on if she needs it.

    Sam Wilson

    You know I'll be the first in line to back her up. Girl's badass, but it's hard to bring about a better world all on your own

    Major Story Arc

    United States of Captain America

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    When the Captain America pretenders (Sin and a mind-controlled Speed Demon) destroyed the brand new water pipe Nichelle had protested and lobbied for, Nichelle was blamed by the local cops. They didn't like how much trouble she caused them, so she was an easy patsy. Once it made the news, Cap and Sam came to town to check on her. They busted her out of jail after the sheriff admitted to just wanting her off the street.

    However, Sin and Speed Demon stuck around after destroying the pipe with Cap's stolen shield. They intended to kill Nichelle as part of their campaign to ruin the symbol of Captain America, but the cops had arrested her before they had a chance. Once she was freed, Nichelle refused their help, stating she was inspired more by Isaiah Bradley than Steve Rogers.


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