Nias Den Throden

    Character » Nias Den Throden appears in 3 issues.

    Nias Den Throden is the alien guide of Exuras and acquaintance of the New Guardians.

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    Nias Den Throden, cretchling of Nias Den Throden, cretchling of Gara Tal Throden, keeper of journeys, friend to outsiders. Nias is the Exuran guide to outsiders visiting his home planet of Exuras.

    First Appearances

    Nias Den Throden first appears in Green Lantern: New Guardians issue 25. He accompanies the New Guardians, Kyle Rayner, and Carol Ferris to his home planet of Exuras, a place he describes as the greatest place in the universe. In an attempt to prove how wonderful his home is, he swan dives off of a cliff and is promptly caught by Exuras' atmosphere. After Nias is safely back on the ground and Zalla explains to Kyle and Carol how this atmosphere functions, Nias leads to New Guardians on an tour through Exuras' sites until Kyle and Carol stumble upon a citadel that holds a mirror gateway to another Exuras. After Kyle's guide is speared through the chest and they stumble back through the portal, an evil doppelganger of Nias Den Throden steps through with them.


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