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    Nezarr the Calculator is a member of the Celestials, a race of cosmic beings who have conducted genetic experiments on countless worlds throughout the universe. Nezarr's sole duty is to examine and catalogue all data brought to him by the others, and produce the findings to Arishem the Judge.

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    Nezarr The Calculator is a Celestial, extremely powerful god like beings whose origins are vague, and actions and motivations as mysterious. Nezarr appears as a giant dark blue hued armored humanoid construction. Nezarr is one of the Celestials that participated in the Celestials' four visits (the first through fourth Hosts) to Earth. Nezarr, like the majority of the Celestials, stands 2000ft. tall, and possesses levels of tremendous power that few in the universe can rival. It was revealed that Nezarr was one of five co-conspirators, along with Hargen the Measurer, Jemiah the Analyzer, Tefral the Surveyor and the leader of the Celestial hosts, Arishem the Judge to attack, betray and ultimately implicate Tiamut the Communicator also known as the Dreaming Celestial as having betrayed them when in fact, the opposite was true. 


    Nezarr the Calculator is a Marvel comics book character created by Jack Kirby first appearing in The Eternals #7 released in 1977. The Celestials as a concept bare some resemblance to the real life author Erich von Däniken projections of giant space gods who have influenced and directed humanity, and whose influence and handiwork can be revealed in ancient carvings, symbols and monuments. 

    Character Evolution

    Nezarr The Calculator much like all his fellow Celestials are a part of Marvel comics cosmic tapestry also having hugely significant roles in Marvels Eternals books. Like many of Jack Kirby's creations, the enigmatic space giants are extremely popular among fans and writers, and although rarely appear, have deep significance and history embedded in the Marvel Universe, with much of their genetic tampering explained as creating a host of Marvel races and species, chief among them the Skrull, Kree and even Earths Mutant population. These has often been speculation about the characters in story origins, with possible origins being explored in an alternative reality however nothing is as concrete in the mainstream reality concerning the Celestials true origins.   

    Major Story Arcs

    The Fourth Host

    During the 4th host, Odin had infused his life force and all of Asgard's save for Thor, into the Destroyer armor to do battle with the Celestials in an attempt to save Earth from the final judgment of Arishem. Nezarr was the first to taste the Destroyers power, Destroyer slicing off the Celestials arm with the Oversword of Asgard also known as the Odin Sword. However losing a limb meant nothing to Nezarr, and moments later regenerated his arm as if he had never lost it to begin with, and followed this by unleashing a barrage his own, far more powerful energy upon the Destroyer, ultimately reducing it to molten ruin along with his fellow Celestials displaying just how powerful they truly are. Nezarr was also seen appearing to attend the birth of a Celestial in the Black Galaxy which had in fact, been a Celestial experiment all along, with the Galaxy comprising the infant Celestials brain.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Nezarr the Calculator like many of the Celestials is an extremely powerful god like being, possessing incalculable levels of strength, durability, speed and energy projection. Enormous in stature, up to 2000 feet in height, he possesses the ability to manipulate reality control energy and rearrange matter. They can teleport themselves or vast objects across vast distances. Although near invulnerable, in the rare case of being injured or harmed, the Calculator will regenerate near instantaneously, as for instance when Odin was empowering the Asgardian Destroyer and wielding the Odinsword, and severed the Calculator's arm limb, only to have it reform moments later. Supposedly Celestials are impossible to destroy completely, and as such easier to imprison. Capable of withstanding earth shattering blows, and easily dismiss nuclear bombs, the Calculator also possesses the ability to generate energy blasts that are of an earth shattering level and higher. The Calculator can project illusions into other creatures brains. There is an unknown connection between the Celestials and Hyperspace. It is possible that Hyperspace is the origin of the Celestials vast powers. Nezarr the Calculator is the mathematician of the Celestials. 
    Physical Characteristics 
    Height: 2000' 0" 
    Weight: Varies 
    Hair: None 
    Eyes: None

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