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    The Neyaphem are a group of demonic-looking mutants from Biblical times, led by Azazel. They were exiled to the Brimstone Dimension by a group of mutants called the Cheyarafim.

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    Led by Azazel, the Neyaphem are a group of mutants with demonic appearances. Existing since Biblical times, the Neyaphem believed humans to be inferior and worthy only of being used and/or killed. 

    A group of angelic-looking mutants called the Cheyarafim opposed the Neyaphem, and after fighting and defeating the Neyaphem, they banished them to the Brimstone Dimension.
    In modern times, the X-Men encountered the Neyaphem when they tried to use Azazel's Earth-born children ( Abyss, Kiwi Black, and Nightcrawler among them) to open a portal big enough for them to cross from the Brimstone Dimension back to Earth permanently. In the ensuing confrontation, several members of the Neyaphem were killed by the X-Men.
    The X-Men's Polaris, in a concerted effort with Abyss, managed to shut the portal between the dimensions, sealing Azazel back into the Brimstone Dimension. It is unclear if all other surviving Neyaphem joined him on the other side, nor is it clear what their fates have become following M-Day.

    Team Creation

    The Neyaphem were created by Chuck Austen and Sean Phillips and made their first appearance in Uncanny X-Men # 429 in 2003.


    Characteristic features that are typical of the Neyaphem include: pointed ears, prehensile tails, fangs, fur, and wings; though not every member displays all these features. Common skin colors are blue and white, though red has also been shown, most notably with Azazel, their leader.

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