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Nextwave is a group of minor Marvel Superheroes. The comic was intended to be a comedy with a sloppy plot. Nextwave was created by H.A.T.E (Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort). They are used to fight against "Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction." Nextwave usually battles H.A.T.E's main enemy, S.I.L.E.N.T. which is a terrorist organization.


Nextwave were created by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen. Their first appearance was in their very own series Nextwave: Agents Of Hate #1.

Real or Unreal?

''Civil War: Damage Report'' implies that the members of Nextwave had their "memories and/or personalities" altered by H.A.T.E., which may account for the bizzare out-of-character behavior, and might mean that in mainstream continuity, the events of entire series itself never happened, or happened very differently from the way they were portrayed.

Warren Ellis initially said the entire series was set in an alternate universe, but the cast later showed up in various other comics in ther Nextwave costumes. Joe Quesada finally confirmed that it was set in Earth-616.

Official Theme Song

Nextwave has an official theme song. The song was written and performed by the Thunder Thighs and can be found at their MySpace page.


It's like Shakespeare

But with lots more punching

It's like Goethe

But with lots more crushing

Like Titanic

But the boat's still floating

No it's not!

The motherfucking boat is exploding!


Dirk Anger's one crazy mamma-jamma

He leads HATE

Sitting around in his pretty pink pajamas

HATE was formed

By the Beyond Coporation


To bring about catastrophic devastation!


Do you want a haircut?

The Beyond Corporation's gonna help you out

Do you need a toothbrush?

The Beyond Corporation's got an extra one

Do you have a step-son?

The Beyond Corporation's gonna rub him out

Do you see a monster?

Or a pirate?

Electric emu?

A giant sky-rat?

A midget Hitler?!

Or Pontius Pilate!

Don't call your mom or your doctor,

Just pick up the phone and call!


Give us a Nextwave rollcall!

MONICA! - Is gonna microwave your (whistle)

TABBY! - Is gonna steal all your stuff!

AARON! - Is going to organize your sock drawer!

ELSA! - Is gonna speak with an accent!

THE CAPTAIN! - His name is The Captain!


Somebody please, please call...


For God's sake, somebody call NextWave...

Alternate Realities


The Nextwave squad existed in the Marvel Zombies reality with the same lineup as in the main universe (Elsa Bloodstone, Machine Man, Monica Rambeaux, The Captain and Tabitha Smith), they attack a zombified Power Pack giving time for Ashley Willians, Dazzler and Scarlet Witch to catch the jet for Latveria. It is not known if they managed to destroy the Power Pack, however it is know that they were either killed or eaten by others zombies.


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