Next Avengers

    Team » Next Avengers appears in 29 issues.

    The children of the Avengers of a dark, twisted dystopian future where Ultron slew their parents and became the sovereign of Earth.

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    In the apocalyptic future of  Earth-555326, the Avengers went on to live their lives and had families. However, Ultron, one of the Avengers greatest enemies, returned stronger than ever before and slaughtered his foes along with anyone else who tried to stop him. Iron Man, having promised that he would look after the children, fled to Antarctica where he would spend the next several years raising them like they were his own.
    At the same time, Hawkeye and Mockingbird fled elsewhere to form an underground rebel alliance and to raise their son, Francis. The Hulk went into complete isolation and Kang the Conqueror traveled through time and launched twenty different assaults with allies and weapons of all kinds against Ultron, only to fail each time, thus preventing him from averting the death of his future self, Immortus, and the destruction of time and space itself.
    The Next Avengers, as they would come to be known, consisted of James Rogers, son of Captain America & Black Widow; Torunn, daughter of Thor & Sif; Azari, son of the Black Panther & Storm; Henry Pym Jr., son of Hank Pym & the Wasp. A decade and a half later, the Vision was followed by Ultron on one of his scouting missions to Stark's headquarters. 
    Ultron attacked and captured both Iron Man and his wards managed to escape with Vision on the Avengers' Quinjet. With the help of Francis Barton and the Hulk, Ultron was ultimately defeated and the kids formed the Next Avengers. 
    Sometime later, Immortus attempted to do what his younger self had failed to do and tried to save all of existence from the threat of annihilation only to end up being slain by The Next Avengers.
    As a result, the already near-collapsed fabric of time and space shattered setting into motion the destruction of all pasts, presents and futures.

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