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    Rebecca "Newt" Jorden was a character from James Cameron's 1986 film "Aliens", the sequel to Ridley Scott's 1979 film "Alien". She was portrayed by Carrie Henn. Newt was also one of the main heroines in Dark Horse Comics' "Aliens" series, initially released in 1988.

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    Rebecca "Newt" Jorden resided with her parents and brother, Timmy, in Hadley's Hope on Acheron "LV-426", a planetoid that served as the home of a terraforming community. Newt's father, a wildcatter for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, had recently returned from an expedition in the outskirts of Acheron, and had found something interesting during the job. The Jorden Family set out in their tractor to scout the area, and discovered a derelict alien spacecraft. While Newt and Timmy waited in the tractor, their parents

     Aliens (1986)
    Aliens (1986)

    investigated the strange ship. Several hours later, their mother returned, frantic, and radioed Hadley's Hope for aid. A facehugger had latched on to Newt's father's face, and was laying an embryo in his throat. A brief while later, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation dispatched a representative, Carter Burke, along with Lieutenant Gorman and the Colonial Marines to investigate LV-426 when they lost contact with Hadley's Hope.

    Among them, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, sole survivor of the Nostromo, a commercial towing craft that had responded to a distress signal sent out by the alien spacecraft found by the Jorden Family fifty-seven years previously. Ripley's crew member, Kane, had been impregnated with an alien aboard the craft, and Ripley was the only one to escape from the creature once it had gestated aboard the Nostromo.

    The marines entered the colony, only to find it seemingly abandoned. They discovered two living facehugger specimens in the medical lab, and a terrified Newt hiding beneath a ventilation grate. Ripley coaxed the girl into joining them, and the team then found what they believed to be the

     Newt (Carrie Henn)
    Newt (Carrie Henn)

    remaining colonists gathered in a nuclear-powered atmospheric-processing station. They moved in to investigate, and found a huge nest of colonists cocooned by the aliens to serve as the hosts for their eggs. They were then attacked by dozens of the creatures for disturbing their nest, and almost the entire team is wiped out by the aliens.

    Ripley managed to save Corporal Hicks, Privates Vasquez and Hudson, and the android Bishop by commandeering a vehicle to remove them from the site. With Lieutenant Gorman injured during the bout, Corporal Hicks took charge, and ordered their drop ship to recover the survivors and return them to their craft, the Sulaco. Once safe, they would use a nuclear weapon to destroy the colony from orbit, and destroy the alien menace. Unfortunately, an alien stowaway killed the dropship's pilot in midair, causing her to crash. The survivors, stranded, were left no other choice but to barricade themselves inside of the colony.

    Ripley learned that Burke was responsible for sending the Jorden Family to the derelict space craft, with the hope of profiting from the retrieval of the alien for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation's biological warfare laboratories. She threatened to go public with the information, and the android Bishop warned the team that the shoot-out in the atmosphere-processing station has made it unstable, and that it woluld explode on a thermonuclear level.

    Bishop agreed to remote pilot the Sulaco's remaining dropship from the colony's transmitter, and enable the group to make an escape. Ripley tried to get a few moments rest with Newt in the complex's medical lab, and gave her a wrist locator. She shared a maternal moment with the girl, and the two fall asleep. As they slept, Burke released the two facehugger specimens in the medical lab, with the

     Ripley And Newt Evade The
    Ripley And Newt Evade The "Facehuggers".

    intentions of impregnating her and Newt. Ripley discovered the doors had been locked by Burke, but was able to fend off the facehuggers with Newt's help. She alerted the Marines by using a cigarette lighter to set off the colony's fire alarm, drawing their attention. Once rescued, Ripley accused Burke of trying to smuggle alien embryos through quarantine by place her and Newt's hypersleep chambers on ice, and killing the surviving Marines.

    Before the marines could respond, the aliens broke into the medical lab through the ceiling, forcing the group to flee. When Burke locked the others in a hallway, Newt led the soldiers through the complex's ventilation shafts towards the platform where the dropship would be. During the escape, Vasquez, Hudson, Gorman, and Burke were killed, and an explosion caused by one of Gorman's hand grenades made Newt slip down an air duct.

    Ripley and Hicks located Newt using Ripley's wrist communicator, but before they could use a blowtorch to cut the grating separating them, an alien took Newt, and returned her to the processing station. Bishop managed to successfully remote pilot the dropship, but Ripley refused to leave Newt behind. After arming herself, she returned to the processing station, and found the girl using the wrist locator. The pair came face to face with the Alien Queen

     Trapped In The Processing Station.
    Trapped In The Processing Station.

    in her egg chamber, and Ripley destroyed a large number of the eggs with her machine gun, before retreating to the landing platform. The queen, enraged, tore itself free of it's ovipositor, and chased after the two. Ripley and Newt managed to board the dropship with seconds to spare, rising towards space at break-neck speed mere moments before the thermonuclear blast consumed the colony.

    Once aboard the Sulaco, the survivors took a moment to breath. The Alien Queen emerged from the dropship's landing gear, and tore the android Bishop apart. Ripley used an exosuit cargo loader to force the queen into the Sulaco's airlock and opened it, expelling the monster into the dark void of outer space. Ripley, Newt, Hicks, and Bishop then prepared for hypersleep, and the long return to planet Earth.

    Alien³ (1992)

    In David Fincher's 1992 sequel to "Aliens", it is revealed that an alien facehugger managed to stow away aboard the Sulaco. As Newt slept, it

     Alien³ (1992)
    Alien³ (1992)

    attempted to shatter the glass on her hypersleep chamber, in order to impregnate the girl. The facehugger's acidic blood burned through the Sulaco's hull, causing a tremendous electrical fire. The Sulaco's emergency response systems then jettisoned the hypersleep chambers towards the nearest inhabitable planet, Fiorina "Fury" 161, an all-male prison colony and foundry facility. The Sulaco's escape pod crashlands into Fury 161's ocean, and both Newt and Hicks are killed upon impact.

    Hicks's hypersleep chamber is penetrated by a steel rod, and Newt drowns when her hypersleep chamber fills with water. The android Bishop is nearly destroyed from the crash, and Ripley herself is badly wounded. Upon awakening, Ripley asked the colony's doctor, Clemens to perform an autopsy on Newt, fearing she may have been impregnated by an alien during hypersleep. The autopsy revealed that Newt had merely drowned, and both she and Hicks were given a funeral in which their bodies were cremated in the foundry's enormous furnace.

    Skills and Abilities

    Newt is an athletic human female, she has been shown on numerous occasions in comic books to effectively utilize a firearm. Newt is also knowledgeable in performing space walks necessary to perform routine maintenance to spacecraft.

    Other Media

    Video Game

    Aliens (Konami)
    Aliens (Konami) "1990"

    Newt was a non-playable character in the Aliens arcade game, released by Konami in 1990.


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