New York Comic Con 2012

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    The seventh annual comic convention in New York run by produced and managed by ReedPOP and held at the Jacob J. Javits Convention Center.

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    Even though New York Comic Con only lasted four days, so much happened. This is the place where you can find links to all of Comic Vine's coverage.


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    You can't have a comic convention without Cosplay. Well, you could but that wouldn't be as much fun. So much time and care went into the costumes we saw. There were so many great costumes that managed to get away before we could snap a picture. We tried to take as many as we could in between interviews.

    To check out our nearly 300 images (including a gallery dedicated just to zombies), check out the image gallery for this page (or you can simply click HERE).


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    Amanda Conner

    Brian Azzarello

    Scott Snyder and Jim Lee

    'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

    Sam Humphries on ULTIMATES

    Scott Snyder on BATMAN

    James Tynion on TALON and 'Death of the Family'

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    Guillermo del Toro

    Andy Diggle on ACTION COMICS

    Bruce Timm on 'Batman: Dark Knight Returns'

    Andrea Romano on 'Batman: Dark Knight Returns'

    More to come...

    Spot On Comic Con with Rob & Rich

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    Part 1 Day 1

    Rich and Rob are back to bring you the sights and scenes from New York Comic Con 2012.

    Part 2 Day 1

    See all the mischief Rich and Rob get into on the show floor.

    Part 3 Day 1

    Rich & Rob hit the show floor to show you things that may or may not be suitable for young children.

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    Part 4 Day 1

    Join Rich, Rob and Marty McFly on the show floor in part 4.

    Part 5 Day 1

    Rich and Rob wrap up Day 1.

    Part 1 Day 2

    Rich and Rob are back causing havoc on the show floor.

    Part 2 Day 2

    Rich and Rob try their womanizing skills sportin' some Star Wars attire on the show floor.

    Part 3 Day 2

    Join Rich and Rob as they talk to as many cosplay as possible.

    Part 4 Day 2

    The zombie count takes a huge jump.

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    Part 5 Day 2

    The zombification of Rich and Rob is complete.

    Part 6 Day 2

    Rich and Rob interview Wonder WoBear among others.

    Part 7 Day 2

    And then there were these guys...find out the trouble Rich and Rob get into

    Part 8 Day 2

    Rich and Rob try to meet Hello Kitty.

    Part 9 Day 2

    The grand finale awaits you.

    Booth Tours

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    Mattel Booth Tour

    Triforce Replicas and Figures Booth Tour

    Tomb Raider Experience

    Comic Vine Day Wrap Ups

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    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Mystery Art Challenge

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    The artist step up to the plate once again to take on the challenge. The challenge always features a comic book character along with a random object. The way it works is the artists agree to do the challenge on video but have no idea who and what they'll be drawing. The challenge is given on camera and they have seconds to figure out what angle they'll give their picture.

    This edition featured Spider-Man...and a Zombie. Peter Nguyen, Agnes Garbowska, Todd Nauck, Chris Giarrusso, Francis Manapul, Michael Walsh, Daniel HDR and Brian Buccellato all took on the challenge.


    DC Comics Announces New ACTION COMICS Creative Team

    LEGO Announces Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Scott Snyder and Jim Lee on New Superman Title in 2013

    Superman Panel Recap

    Legendary Entertainment Announces Grant Morrison Graphic Novel

    Dynamite Entertainment Announces BIONIC MAN VS BIONIC WOMAN

    Marvel NOW! ALL-NEW X-MEN Panel Recap

    NYCC 2012 variants


    • Idolized #3.


    • Batman #13. (2 versions)
    • Justice League #12.


    • Bedlam #1.
    • Great Pacific #1.

    Titan Magazines

    • The Walking Dead: The Official Magazine #1.

    Top Cow


    • Grimm Fairy Tales #78. (2 versions)
    • Grimm Fairy Tales 2012 Halloween Special #1.
    • Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends #21. (3 versions)
    • Wonderland #3.

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