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From The Longbox: Prometheus

In this issue we meet Prometheus, the book opens on a head shot, and we find he is already telling his origin story. Prometheus was the son of two habitual offenders. Even though he was raised on the run, he loved his parents and the life style they raised him in.
So when he sees them gunned down in front of him by the police, he decides to become a supercriminal and avenge them against good. His life is a flipsided mirror image of Batman. He gathered the right weapons , and technology, and plans to infiltrate the JLA watchtower by using a winning contestant of a fake superhero contest.  
 For an origin issue that is mostly wordy, this is a very exciting book. I like this Prometheus guy. He embraces his evil nature. and seems like he would be trouble for at least a couple of the JLA. Unfortunately I also liked the fake hero Retro, which makes the story all the better, and what happens to him, that much more tragic. So for the origin of a character I never met, yeah ... this gets high honors.

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