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Numbering continued from X-Men (1991 series) issue 113. The X-Men enter a darker era after the deaths of almost every mutant on the island nation of Genosha. To fit this new age, the team donned new black and yellow uniforms. It features major events such as the return of the Phoenix, the debut of Cassandra Nova and the death of an original X-Men team-member in the finale. The series lasted until issue 156 and then continued as X-Men (2004) with issue 157, returning the series to it's original name.


Grant Morrison: 114-154

Chuck Austen: 155, 156


  • Frank Quietly: 114-116, 121,122, 126, 135-138 (10)
  • Ethan Van Sciver: 117,118, 123, 133 (4)
  • Igor Kordey: 119,120, 124, 125, 128-130 (7)
  • Tom Derenick: 123
  • John Paul Leon: 127, 131
  • Phil Jimez: 132, 139-141, 146-150 (9)
  • Keron Grant:134
  • Chris Bachalo: 142-145 (4)
  • Marc Silvestri:151-154 (4)

Collected Editions

Grant Morrison's run on the series has been collected separately in these following collections:

Translated into Spanish.


43 issues in this volume Add Issue Reverse sort

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