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A Crazy End to Morrison's New X-Men Run

This review has a lot of spoilers because of the fact that it's collecting something like a year's worth of issues.  If we were going issue by issue, I'd be able to talk about issue 9's spoilers in issue 10's review if they had relevance.
This volume starts off a little after the last one.  Some stuff has happened "off screen" and we pick up with Summers in a bar.  This volume gets pretty crazy pretty quickly and it's definitely a solid ending to his run.  But I missed out on some clues, apparently.  But it's an important read that explains how a lot of the X-Men universe got to be the way it is today.  
So it turns out that Scott is at the Hellfire Club.  If I understand what the worker tells Scott, then the girl dancing is actually really fat, but she's a telepath that makes each customer see what he'd want to see.  Wolverine shows up and his scene with Sabertooth in the bathroom is funny.  At the very least, I don’t think I’d ever read a comic that had a scene like that.  And so Wolverine is finally on a quest to find out about his past.  I wonder if this leads to Daken and/or X-23?  I think it’s crazy that Scott quit the X-Men.  We find out he’s being dragged along with Wolverine and Fantomex on a trip to the Weapon Plus facility.

And the Weapon Plus facility is crazy.  A whole biosphere for experimentation.  The genetic war theme continues in the Fantomex story arc.  Ah, now I see.  They wanted to created an awesome super hero team to get the public excited before they killed the mutants.  Why are these people so vitriolic in killing the humans?  The answer is provided later.  

Looks like Hank succeeded in putting Emma together.  No resolution whatsoever on the previous investigation, but I guess it’s not done yet since Wolverine said Cyclops was a possible suspect.  

And there’s a huge reveal!  I’m not very happy with Xorn being someone in disguise.  I really liked his character and I felt that a lot of the emotion was genuine.  Perhaps he’ll turn out to be real and someone is impersonating him right now?  Or maybe if I got back through the first book now it’ll be obvious?  How was he Magneto?  What the hells?  I didn’t get this until reading the sublime article on comic vine, but it’s not magneto in this storyline - it’s Xorn thinking he’s magneto - which explains a lot of the stuff people say to him.  Especially the girl who keeps asking him when Xorn’s coming back and sounding kinda dumb.  Well, it turns out he went crazy, but I don’t think it’s ever mentioned how or why it happened?  Perhaps the stuff that happened in the last book was just too much for his mind to absorb since he’d been locked up all this time?  But if that’s the case, why does he look like Magneto?  Are we seeing what he sees in his head?  Before when they took off his mask people died.  Is it a retcon that it wasn’t really Magneto? And we finally find out who Esme was working for.

Wow, I can’t believe we’re still dealing with the consequences of the New X-Men run in today’s comics.  (Ten years later in real life time)  Again, as I mentioned in my Vol 2 review, I think what’s about to happen with Magneto was referenced in the recent Uncanny X-Men and is part of the reason why they had to leave NYC.  Time will tell.  So Xorn’s class becomes the new Brotherhood

Magneto having to deal with soundbites and the youtube attention span is hilarious!  Good job there Morrison on bringing the X-Men into the real world.  Everyone said Jean Grey died during Morrison’s run, I’d never have guessed who it was that killed her.  

And so this is where Scott Summers finally comes into his own and becomes the leader he has never before been.  Especially the battle against Magneto where Cyclops rages; which is awesome!  Also awesome that Beast has figured out how to cure humanity’s gene problem

The “Here Comes Tomorrow” Storyline had me very, very confused.  Basically, it was Morrison’s little Age of Apocalypse storyline.  He got to show a future where Scott had lost hope because of Jean’s death.  Also, although it was extremely confusing, we’re introduced to Sublime.  And it turns out that HE was the big bad of the ENTIRE Morrison run.  
In the end, he had a pretty awesome run.  It wasn't too confusing and it shook up the X-Men books in a way that is still being felt today.  And I think it was mostly for the best.  I'm definitely glad I decided to go back and read these stories.

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