New X-Men #46

    New X-Men » New X-Men #46 - Messiah CompleX, Part Twelve released by Marvel on March 1, 2008.

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    Showdown. The X-Men vs. The Marauders vs. X-Force vs. The Acolytes vs. New X-Men vs. Predator X. Will the victor get the spoils and claim the baby? Whatever the outcome, the future of mutantkind begins here!

    Three hours before the events in X-Factor 27 on Muir Island, Mystique and Mr. Sinister look over Rogue's comatose body. Mystique is saddened that Rogue is dying and nothing can be done to prevent that. Sinister confirms this. Mystique does the unthinkable. She grabs Sinister from behind and pushes his face against Rogue's. Her death touch is instant. Sinister's face begins to crack and he collapses to the floor. Gambit arrives with the baby mutant and is surprised to see Sinister lying on the floor. He can't believe that he is finally free from the debt he owes him. That is when the X-Men (and "X-Force") arrive.

    The battle is fierce. Wolverine gets shot in the eye. As he starts to get up, Scrambler grabs him and begins to use his powers on him. Before he can get far, X-23 jumps in, chastises Wolverine for healing too slow, and slices off Scrambler's hands. Sunspot hits Wolfsbane with fire. Scalphunter sets his sites on Hepzibah only to get a blade thrown into his shoulder, courtesy of Warpath. Mystique pulls the knife out and tells him that Sinister needs more time with the baby. They have to do whatever it takes to hold off the X-Men. Just then, more X-Men arrive.

    Back inside, Mystique and Gambit prepare to try to save Rogue. Gambit tells her that the only reason he's stayed with Sinister and the Marauders is because he believes in Mystique's love for Rogue. Mystique tells him she knows the baby will save Rogue. Destiny saw them in that room with the baby in a vision. Everything Mystique has done has lead up to this moment. Not really sure what she's supposed to do, Mystique touches the baby's forehead to Rogue's lips.

    Meanwhile back at the Xavier Institute, Predator X is preparing to feast on the "new" X-Men. Rockslide tries to hold it off while the other younger students watch from inside. Predator X smashes through the window and is about to eat Indra when Surge jumps in and hits it with her powers. She tells him to get everyone to the infirmary.

    On Muir Island, Riptide is about the snap (an unconscious) Wolfsbane's neck. He is taken care of by Professor X. They prepare to find the baby. Down below, there is a huge flash of light from the baby's touch on Rogue. Gambit can't sit back and let the baby die so he pulls them away from Rogue. He knows Rogue wouldn't want to be saved at the cost of the life of an infant. Expecting to see the same thing happen to the baby that happened to Sinister, Gambit is surprised to see that the baby is fine. Mystique looks at Rogue but she is still in a coma. She falls to her knees, not understanding since Destiny's diaries said this would help. She thought saving her would make Rogue love her again. Gambit says she'd rather die than allow her to harm a baby. Gambit said he'd do the same. Professor X walks in just at that moment and is happy to hear Gambit say that.

    The fight continues up top. Professor X tells Cable he has the baby. He asks Gambit what he's going to do now. Gambit says he's going to stay where he belongs, by Rogue's side.

    The fight for survival at the Xavier Institute doesn't look to be going well. It is soon brought to the infirmary. Nightcrawler is finally awake to see the kids fighting Predator X. He says he can't teleport everyone away. Pixie mentions that X-23 killed one of these Predators before and she can teleport it to her. Before anyone can stop her, she takes them all to Muir Island. Vertigo is the unlucky one to get chomped by Predator X.

    Professor X hands off the baby to Cable and tells him to escape into the future while he helps the X-Men. Before Cable gets far, Bishop shows up saying the child will die right there, right now. Cable is ready for Bishop this time but seeing a hungry Predator X waiting for them is another story...

    To be CONCLUDED in X-Men#207!


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    nothing to die over 0

    kidding aside, and with the exception of featuring less NXM than the title probably should - i gotta love this issue for a number of reasons. Art, of course. Ramos builds the clutter of a stage play into a violent storm - fighting! alotta plot threads tangle into a battle that we all knew was coming. and a few threads are dismembered before this (last) issue of NXM closes. the only downside is that theres too much safely-tucked-away moments with Rogues coma-onlookers. the final page is a...

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