New X-Men #45

    New X-Men » New X-Men #45 - Messiah CompleX: Chapter Eight released by Marvel on February 1, 2008.

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    A three way melee erupts over the baby! Some want to kill it, some want to save it, and when the dust settles, not everyone is left standing. Meanwhile, Layla Miller and Madrox gather clues while Madrox Prime slips deeper into his coma.

    Plus another mutant dies!

    In Alberta, Canada, Cable and the baby stand before Lady Deathstrike and her Reavers. Cable asks her why she even cares about the baby or the Purifiers plans. She tells him that William Stryker told her he would need here twice, once while he was alive and once after his death. He told her about a mutant antichrist after his death and asked her to kill it. She simply wants to fulfill her vow to him. Before she can strike at Cable, the new X-Force arrives and begins attacking the Reavers.

    In the future, the Madrox dupe and Layla are brought inside the Mutant Relocation Camp. They are about to be "processed."

    In Alberta, it's a vicious battle as X-Force does not hold back. Cable uses the battle as an opportunity to escape. Wolverine tries chasing after him only to be interrupted by Lady Deathstrike. She blathers on that he is now going to die because he chose to get involved in this. He dismisses her, saying he doesn't have time for her. He hands her over to X-23. X-23 introduces herself with a pair of claws.

    In New York, Predator X can sense more mutants are nearby...

    At the Xavier Institute, the X-people are recovering from the Sentinel attack. Surge is being hard on herself for trying to attack the Purifiers. Emma tells her that if they stayed at the mansion, they might have all died. She says the main thing is they survived. She tells her you survive an incident the first time and make sure it does not happen a second time. She also tells Surge that she was chosen to lead them because she would protect them from anything no matter what. Now it's time for her to that.

    Scott is assembling more X-members to back up Wolverine when he gets the baby from Cable. They are to leave immediately.

    Lady Deathstrike is not happy that Wolverine left her with a "child" to fight. She is insulted and is simply ripping away at Laura. She notices that she is not even fighting back. X-23 tells her that she was just listening and delivers a kick to the back of her shoulder. Lady Deathstrike tells her it was pathetic since she didn't even draw blood. She soon sees that the attack was on her cybernetics. She can no longer mover her right arm. Now X-23 will show her just what she can do.

    Wolverine and Warpath are still trying to chase after Cable. A Reaver gets Warpath in his sites and shoots at his back. Caliban jumps in and takes three shots to the chest. Shocked and outraged, Warpath throws one of his blades right in the middle of the Reavers face. Wolverine yells at Warpath to stay on Cable but he goes to see how Caliban is doing.

    Lady Deathstrike isn't doing so well either. When she is finally down, X-23 tells her she was dead the second that she touched Hellion.

    Wolverine is almost on top of Cable but then notices that he had backtracked for some reason. Taking possession of their Blackbird, Cable and the baby escape.

    To be continued in X-Men #206


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