New X-Men #44

    New X-Men » New X-Men #44 - Messiah Complex Chapter Four released by Marvel on January 1, 2008.

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    The New X-Men have been ordered to remain at the mansion while the more experienced teams search for the abducted mutant baby. But the last generation of mutants isn’t content on the sidelines, launching a sneak attack on the Purifiers instead. But have they confronted an enemy that’s out of their league?

    In the Canadian Rockies, Predator X comes across and feasts on another (unnamed) mutant.

    At the Xavier Institute, the Surge is fuming over not being involved in the current events. She has just discovered that the Purifiers were involved in the massacre in Alaska and is venting to Prodigy and Hellion. Professor X overhears her rants and tells her that Cyclops had his reasons not to tell them. He then says that he has trained mutants in the past and would like to help train them. Nori goes off on him asking where was he when they were getting killed. She storms off saying that there isn't anything he can teach them. They already know how to die.

    In Dallas, Texas, Forge tells Scott that Jamie is still unconscious but his brain functions are working overtime. He asks if perhaps Emma could come and find out what's going on in Jamie's head. Scott hesitates and says that she is unavailable. Scott seems ready to sacrifice Jamie's life for the possible information they can gather. When Forge calls him on this, Scott simply says that mutants are about to become extinct. All their lives are at risk.

    Back at the mansion, Nori is talking to the rest of her team about her plans to go after the Purifiers. She says she doesn't care what Cyclops says. It was their friends that were killed and they were the ones that took down the Purifiers. If they have the infant mutant, they will simply kill it. She wants to take out the Purifiers, permanently. She asks who is with her. Hellion, Mercury, Rockslide, Anole, and Pixie all agree, but most simply want to save the baby, not kill anyone. Dust says they've seen too much blood lately. Elixir says if he goes, he'll kill every single one of them so he'll stay behind. Armor walks in and says that she'll go with them.

    In Antarctica, the X-Men are about to enter the Marauders' base. Nightcrawler has reported that they are indeed inside.

    In Washington, Rictor (under the disguise of a mutant hating human called Jake) is taken to the Purifiers' church. He finds out that there are hundreds of churches with members all over the world. He is able to overhear that they do not have the baby in their possession. It is referred to as the Antichrist. They have men in every town within a hundred mile radius of where it was born searching for it. Rictor is pleased to hear that they do not have it. His mission can be over now. Then he sees their newest allies.

    In the future, eighty years from now, Jamie's dupe and Layla Miller finally arrive in New York City. When they arrived in the future, they were in Texas (where they left the present). There has been no signs of mutants. Layla's powers don't work but she says she still has her common sense powers. They go to a library to find out what is going on with the mutants. To their shock, they find out that there is a mutant relocation camp, heavily guarded in Brooklyn.

    Back in the present, the kids arrive in Washington. They work their way in, taking out Purifiers as they go. At the mansion, Elixir tries comforting Prodigy and Dust, saying that Nori will have things under control.

    In Antarctica, Sinister prepares the Marauders and Acolytes to move out. He says that Cyclops will have figured out where they are soon. He wants to take on the X-Men on his terms. Scalphunter notices that Harpoon is missing. When he asks about him, Harpoon is sent smashing through the wall at them. The X-Men are there. Wolverine tells them they are there for the baby and Rogue. He asks how many of them have to die before they get them.

    In Washington, Rictor comes across Anole. He asks what are they doing there and tells them that the baby isn't there. The rest are fighting the Purifiers. Things seem to be going well until Hellion is stabbed multiple times from behind. Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers are there joining the side of the Purifiers.


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    This issue was a little too much in one time... 0

    I am really liking the storyline with the Messiah Complex, and this issue helped make the storyline much better than last issue! but I have to admit the new x-men was a little too sour in this issue... what I mean is that I got REALLY annoyed by Surge! like is she on her monthly in this issue lol??? Well yeah she is pissed (and starts yelling at Professor X, I mean she has some good points but still it's called respect!) and yeah she wants to hunt the purifiers, most of the new x-men agree to go...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    great chapter, slighted sendoff 0

    i think there might be 10 pages total, featuring the half-pint variations of the once numerous X-Men. but 3 chapters have p[assed int eh crossover before they even get to make their own moves. i wont delve into the bonus content, spanning different times and places - but i will say that the kids act fast enough to leave their mark (in 11 pages). they find out which baddies their being protected from, shirk authority figures - and very personally the Prof himself. so Nori recruits whoevers willin...

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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