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end of an arc / comeback in progress

im pretty sure this leads into X-Infernus - but theres no mention of it here (negative a half star).. otherwise a great issue, and a very trim conclusion. 2 students not pulled into Limbo, have finally made it into the fray and chalk up some haevy hits right away. also to the rescue, is Darkchild. not undue any credit is Pixie, who provided the new portal with a little training in dark arts. so everyones in the same place since the arc began. now they just need to make it back to the real world. everything wraps up kinda quickly, or im finding it challenging to read through Skottie Young's kinetic style at anything but a rapid pace. its worth reading over again though - so no worries. theres a very slight family reunion of sorts that reads very broadly. theres a followup in Nation X #1 too (i think, not sure). Endangered Species Chapter 8 manages to feature (video-fed) flashbacks in its mere eight pages. plus some vintage S.H.E.I.L.D. tach makes an appearance!


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