New X-Men #31

    New X-Men » New X-Men #31 - Nimrod (part 4 of 4) released by Marvel on December 1, 2006.

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    It’s the end of Chris Yost and Craig Kyle’s first year on New X-Men! Saying it’s been a tough year is an understatement! But it’s not over yet. The students at Xavier’s still have Nimrod to deal with. And before this issue is over, another New X-Men will fall!

    The New X-Men continue their battle against Nimrod, determined to stop him before he can wipe out the rest of mutantkind. Working together, they devise a strategy to destroy Nimrod by overloading its temporal displacement equipment. Their plan is a success but in the final battle, Rockslide is pulverized into rubble and dust and X-23 is fatally wounded. Rockslide survives and reconstitutes himself in a more jagged, rocky form. Hellion is determined to save X-23 and flies her to the Xavier Institute. Desperate to save her, he begs Miss Frost for help and she removes the internal psychic controls on his powers. This amplifies his telekinesis to a level that allows him to break the sound barrier and get Laura to Elixir to be healed. Hellion forces Elixir out of his coma and the act of healing X-23 partially restores his golden skin. Meanwhile, Nimrod materializes in the past and the Purifiers plot their future moves to destroy the New X-Men.


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     I know I like to start off every review talking about the cover, so let me take you on a little tour. First of all let us focus on what you are looking at right now. Is it me, or does it look like Emmas plastic surgeon put her breasts under her arms. Running must be a pain in the butt. Although I do have to say, it adds depths to the character of Nimrod, knowing that he mournes over the deaths that he causes. I think this particular cover should have been thought out a bit more.  On the inside,...

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