New X-Men #30

    New X-Men » New X-Men #30 - Nimrod (part 3 of 4) released by Marvel on November 1, 2006.

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    It’s the penultimate chapter of the New X-Men’s year of hell. The kids battle their way through a swarm of zombie Sentinels in an attempt to save Forge from Nimrod! But Forge is busy saving himself, and his actions will change the future AND the past, not to mention possibly destroy the New X-Men forever. Part 3 (of 4)!

    The New X-Men defy the senior team and bypass the ONE Sentinels and rush to Dallas to rescue Forge from Nimrod. Prodigy’s flying skills prove less than perfect when Nimrod attempts to down the X-Jet with an energy bolt. The team survives the crash landing. Nimrod senses the New X-Men entering Eagle Plaza and transfers its destructive programming into Forge’s discarded robot prototypes. It then orders them to attack the New X-Men. Once Nimrod’s transfer into a new body of Forge’s creation is complete, he orders it to respond to new directives he had already programmed into this mutant defending robot. He sends it to defend the New X-Men. When this newly reprogrammed Nimrod arrives, the New X-Men do not realize its intents and attack it. This confuses its command protocols and coupled with the damage it sustains from the New X-Men, forces it to reboot. Forge arrives and tries to stop them but it is too late. Nimrod’s original programming reasserts itself and sets off a massive explosion in an attempt to terminate the mutants. At home, Victor evades questions about the team’s whereabouts from Val Cooper.



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     This, I would have to say ... is not the best jumping on point for the series. I should have known by the rather cool looking cover, that is sporting a whole mess of characters that I just do not recognize at all.  On a positive note, I do like the art by Paco Medina. Not too shabby there Paco. The writing must have been easy, since it was mostly one big twenty two page fight scene. Then again, this could just be that chapter of the trade paperback.  I guess i would have been a little more invo...

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