New X-Men #29

    New X-Men » New X-Men #29 - Nimrod (part 2 of 4) released by Marvel on October 1, 2006.

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    The mutant hunting robot from the future is back! Nimrod’s first priority: finding his creator.

    Who is Nimrod’s mysterious creator?! The New X-Men rush to his aid but discover that

    Nimrod is much more than they can handle! Part 2 (of 4).

    Nimrod seeks out his creator, Forge to facilitate needed repairs. Forge refuses but is persuaded by a vision of his future. He watches as Nimrod kills his wife (Storm) and threatens his two young children. This alternate Forge sent Nimrod to an alternate past to spare his children. Forge agrees to repair Nimrod but manages to send a distress signal to the X-Men. The X-Men leave for Storm’s wedding, ignoring the New X-Men’s warnings that Nimrod may have returned. When the team receives the cry for help from Forge, they decide to deal with it themselves. They easily evade the ONE Sentinels and head to Dallas to save Forge and stop Nimrod. Fearing the X-Men aren’t coming, Forge offers it a new body of his own design and initiates a transfer of its consciousness.


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