New X-Men #26

    New X-Men » New X-Men #26 - Crusade (part 3 of 4) released by Marvel on July 1, 2006.

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    No one is safe as Stryker’s end game begins. Another student falls – and they won’t be the last! Will there be any New X-Men left stop Stryker’s vision of the future from coming to pass? Lives will be lost as we discover the shocking truth behind Stryker’s miracles? Find out here! Part 3 (of 4).

    Stryker reveals his plans and their origins to a dumbfounded Icarus. He tells how he felt lost and abandoned by God until he was sent “a gift from God” in the form of a Nimrod unit. Using Nimrod’s historical records from the future, Stryker set out to ensure that the mutant-hunting future from which Nimrod escaped comes to pass. He selectively saved the lives of those destined to die in order to build an army of loyal followers. He then set about killing all those mutant and former mutants who blocked the path to Nimrod’s future. Dust sets off to find Jay, refusing an offer of help from X-23. Prodigy learns that his parents have decided he should stay at the Institute despite his power loss just moments before the news of Wallflower’s murder hits. Laurie’s friends are shocked by her sudden death and Josh is wracked with grief and anguish, which triggers an offensive aspect of his power. Stryker reveals that Jay is just bait to bring Dust to him, as she is the last one standing between him and the future vision he saw via Nimrod. Jay watches in horror as Dust arrives at Stryker’s church and is mowed down by gunfire. The vision does not immediately change but Stryker seems certain the future is set. He gloats and damns Jay before shooting him. The X-Men leave the grounds mere moments before Stryker arrives. He uses the gauntlet of Nimrod to disable the Sentinels and then calls on his troops to attack.


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