New X-Men #135

    New X-Men » New X-Men #135 - Teaching Children About Fractals released by Marvel on February 1, 2003.

    Riot at Xavier's: Part 1 of 4.

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    Frank Quitely returns as "Riot At Xavier's" begins! Generation battles generation as the eternal showdown of youth vs. experience hits Xavier's Institute! Pupils against teachers! Children against parents! Who lives? Who dies? Who betrays whom? Be warned: Grant Morrison has promised that this four-part shocker will change the X-Men even more than "E is for Extinction" did!

    Xorn takes his newly assigned 'special' class out for a stay in the woods. Xavier Institute student Quentin Quire adopts a new, politically active persona, and gathers a few of his fellow classmates to further his agendas, dispensing a mutant enhancement drug named Kick among them. Heading out into the streets, Quire and his mates attack those responsible for the death of mutant clothing designer Jumbo Carnation, killing a few of them in the process.

    The following day, Xavier holds a psychic staff meeting to discuss Quentin's group and the discovery of Kick on campus. Xorn's nature lessons continue, while classmates Beak and Angel Salvadore sneak away from their teacher for some alone time. Quire convinces his classmates to get matching omega tattoos and christens the group new X-Men.


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