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    New-Wave led the supervillain team Masters of Disaster with her ability to turn into water and a bad attitude.

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    The sadistic aquatic metamorph known as New-Wave, was the older sister to Windfall. New-Wave mentally and physically abused her at a early age and controlled her little sister's every move. The psychotic older "Becky" Jones ruthlessly murdered her parents when they discovered her mutant abilities. An adolescent at the time, Wendy was traumatized and lived in fear of her life at her sisters hands. New-Wave originally forced Wendy onto the supervillain team of elementals called the Masters of Disaster, led by New-Wave with an iron fist.

    Major Story Arcs

    Born a mutant, New-Wave used her water morphing powers and abusive threats and forced her sister to fight the Outsiders on several occasions. The second time was when the Masters were hired by Baron Bedlam in a Soviet-backed invasion of the Outsider Geo-Force's homeland of Markovia. Windfall sincerely felt a special bond with one particular Outsider and decided to help her foe, Halo, when she needed assistance. After becoming friends with Halo, Windfall defected from the Masters of Disaster and joined the Outsiders.

    Used to using intimidation to control her sister and the rest of her teammates if they dared to second guess her orders, New-Wave became insanely vengeful at her lack of control over them. She is responsible for killing her teammate, Shakedown, drowning him, when he refused to kill a hostage. She was brought down by the efforts of Batman and the Justice Society Of America. New-Wave was put away in maximum security facility for Meta-Humans.

    New 52

    New-Wave and Heatwave attempted to break Coldsnap and Shakedown from a prison transport heading to Belle Reve. They were quickly stopped and incarcerated by the guards who were ready for any breakout contingency plans.


    New-Wave was created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, first appearing in Batman and the Outsiders #8, March 1984.

    Powers and Abilities

    New-Wave is hydrokinetic, able to turn any part of her body into water (solid, liquid or gas). New-Wave can turn his whole body into a large quantity of animated water. She can also will herself into water vapor, and her control is so fine she managed to secret very potent acids - often an “acid rain” while she assume a cloud-like form. As time went by she learned to emit high-pressure water blasts from her hand. She has also been seen to control large bodies of water to create tsunami like tidal waves.

    Attributes and Data

    Marital Status: Single

    Known Relatives: Wendy (aka Windfall, sister, deceased), unnamed mother (deceased)

    Group affiliation: Masters of Disaster

    Base Of Operations: Mobile

    Height: 5‘8” Weight: 130 lbs

    Eyes: Blue Hair: Light blue Skin: White


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