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    New Warriors - Stepping Up

    AWESOME issue. Kevin Grevioux and Paco Medina deliver BIG time with this one!

    From the opening battle sequence, to the deep, heartfelt conversation between Jubilee and Jono (fans of the old Generation X title, like myself, will absolutely LOVE this part), and Night Thrasher's attempt to draw Kaz into his seemingly dark and sinister plans to control the team for his own purposes, New Warriors #9 captivates from cover to cover.

    Several points stand out in this issue: Jubilee is proving to be a highly skilled leader, greatly respected by the team (especially Jono). Before Night Thrasher found him, Jono had a MUCH tougher time than anyone realized. Thrasher's actions get even MORE suspicious, as it's revealed that he is indeed secretly planning something that he knows the team won't like. Also, there's a hint that Thrasher might be a bit intimidated by Jubilee, who has vowed to get to the bottom of whatever he's doing. Could these two be heading for a battle for leadership of the team?

    New Warriors #9 is DEFINITELY worth checking out. By the time I got to the last page, I honestly found myself wishing that comics were longer than 32 pages.

    Bring on #10!

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