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Sofia and Wondra face off as the New Warriors respond to Tony Stark’s offer of amnesty. But will they accept or reject it? Meanwhile, Detectives Sykes and Givens uncover a shocking mystery about the death of the original New Warriors, and a former member may hold the key. Plus, Wolverine shows up…and he ain’t happy!

Detectives Sykes and Givens check on the remains of the former New Warriors. Microbe's body is still in the morgue. Namorita's body has been seized by the Atlantean Consulate. Then there's the remains of Night Thrasher. The doctor believes that his body was vaporized in the explosion even though the others did not suffer the same fate. He said it could be due to the fact that he was wearing Vibranium mesh armor. What is odd is his DNA scraps that were found seem to be incomplete. He says it puts the body in the sixty-five percentage range. His opinion is that it is the remains of Night Thrasher but isn't completely convinced.

Elsewhere, a new team is fighting against Nimrod. It turns out to be a training session for the New Warriors. They have converted Arcade's Murderworld into their headquarters. Jubilee, under the guise of Wondra, tells the team how horribly they did. They need to work together and be careful with their own powers so that they do not harm their teammates.

Outside Stark Tower, Tony and Ms. Marvel are going to check out the response from the offer he made to the New Warriors in joining the Initiative. It's basically a dis against Stark, SHIELD, and the Initiative in big letters along the side of the tower.

Back at the former Murderworld, Jubilee talks with Sofia. She wants to know if Sofia's made her decision in joining the Warriors yet. Sofia ends up laughing at Jubilee. Jubilee has changed so much and has lost the free spirit nature she used to have. She is fairly certain that she'd rather stay being a waitress than to change so completely. She leaves Jubilee with a thought about whether or not she can trust Night Thrasher.

In another part of the city, Detectives Sykes and Givens pay a visit to Donyell Taylor, Night Thrasher's brother. Donyell lost his legs in a car accident and no longer plays the part of a hero. He tells the detectives that he's been rebuilding the Taylor Foundation and providing disaster relief to the families in Stamford. They ask him when he last saw his brother. Donyell tells them it was at his funeral. The detectives continue to express their suspicions on the return of Night Thrasher. They tell him that they will be searching for evidence and if they find anything to link him, they will bring down the Foundation. Donyell then tells them that he did receive a call a couple months ago asking for money from one of the offshore accounts. The caller used an electronic voice scrambler. He assumed it was simple extortion and refused. The money was somehow taken regardless. The only people that knew the access codes were himself and Dwayne.

Jubilee and Beak (Blackwing) are working on sealing off parts of their base in the surrounding tunnels. Jubilee now seems to have some doubts about Night Thrasher. She mentions that they haven't seen him without his mask. Beak says he's probably scarred like Dr. Doom after the explosion. He says it doesn't really matter who he is since he's the one that's given them a chance to still be heroes.

Suddenly Wolverine appears. Jubilee is mad at the way he left her, on the verge of dying (after an encounter with Omega Red). Logan tells her he did what he did to save her. He's there to tell her that things are different in the world now. It's not like the old days. He says she should be careful in trying to replace what "nature" gave her. He understands what it's like to lose something from when Magneto ripped out his Adamantium.

The detectives have the voice recording of from Donyell with the tapes from the New Warriors reality show. Using Starktech, the voice is matched with ninety-five percent accuracy. Sykes and Givens plan their next move in uncovering the Warriors. They figure that the money is their next lead. It must cost a lot of money to fund a super-team. In the parking garage, they are confronted by someone telling them to stop asking questions about dead people. He sets off a couple smoke bombs in their face. Through the smoke there appears to be a giant-sized Night Thrasher about to crush them.

Homagecover to the movie "The Usual Suspect".



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A new and BRILLIANT take on Jubilee 0

I've officially added New Warriors Vol. 4 to my "MUST READ" list, and heartily recommend that you do likewise (you won't be dissappointed). The first few issues of this series are thusfar showing a perfectly slow and methodical development of both characters and team. Although the characters in question aren't new, this particular take on them IS, and the team itself is very much an entertaining work in progress. When Wondra was revealed to be Jubilee in issue #2 it made my pulse race. She has b...

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The Unusual Heroes 0

Let's face it, one thing that Marvel is not missing out on right now is team books. The Avengers have multiple titles, X-Men as well and several other mainstays like the Fantastic Four and Thunderbolts. That's not even mentioning the new books that have come out of Civil War. Now we also have the New Warriors, another book that is being launched by a Hollywood screenwriter. What is truly amazing however is that most of these books are actually good, some are just plain great and must reads. It s...

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